If it’s your first time around here then welcome, I’m Emma!

I’m a mum to be, a small business owner and, of course, blogger living in Liverpool. My background is in architecture, but my true love is an all things home and creativity. Whether I’m overhauling an entire room during the Spring, crafts and all, or simply making a banana bread to warm us up on a cold Autumn morning, the comfort of home brings me so much joy.

As my husband and I move towards becoming parents, pregnancy and money management have become important topics of conversation for me and I am forever growing and learning. I hope I might even be able to share something of value with you along the way.

Of course, I have good days and bad. Looking back on my life so far I recognise that it’s important to remember both the ups and the downs. Life is full of sunshine and rain, I would love to remember all of it.