3 Different Types Of Rings And Their Meaning

In most western cultures, rings are given as an indication of love and commitment. In the early days, the rings were simple bands, but over time they have developed a great deal.

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The Following Is A List Of 3 Different Types Of Rings And Their Meaning


Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a ring that represents the fact that someone has proposed. Diamond engagement rings given to someone may vary depending on the couple’s comfort, but there are some commonalities between rings.

An engagement ring is generally worn by women on their left hand’s ring finger. It often includes diamonds or other stones in it and either has no band or has a thin band. There are many different variations of an engagement ring, so finding one that suits both people in the relationship should be fairly easy if they know what they’re looking for.

Engagement rings are usually given during a proposal by a man who is asking for his girlfriend/fiancée to marry him. This sort of proposal could happen anywhere that the couple is together but usually happens at a place that is memorable to them, such as a restaurant where they went on their first date or the spot where they met.

There is no standard proposal ritual, and it may be done in many different ways: from getting down on one knee and slipping the ring onto her finger while asking, “Will you marry me?” to give it to her without telling her what it is before she sees the ring.


Wedding Band

The wedding band can be any shape or size, as long as it fits comfortably around the couple’s fingers. It does not need diamonds like an engagement ring would, though some people opt for this style. The wedding band also has no real significance; some couples choose rings that match each others’, and some do not. It is up to the couple and their specific preferences.


Promise Ring

A promise ring is a ring that can show that someone has made a commitment to another person, such as a boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancée commitment. This type of ring may come before an engagement ring, but it doesn’t necessarily have to; the intention behind it is simply to demonstrate loyalty.

A promise ring can be given as early as high school or as late as ten years into the relationship. The recipient of a promise ring would wear this on either their left or right hand’s ring finger, depending on where they feel most comfortable with displaying the new accessory.

For example, some people opt for having two rings on one hand, so they have one on the forefinger and one on the pinky. The ring may be kept on that finger until it is exchanged for an engagement ring or simply removed once the relationship has ended.

The receiver would most likely know what this ring means, but it does not represent any official or legal commitment. Instead, this is more of a symbol of their feelings towards someone than anything else; some people claim that wearing this promise ring can help prevent them from straying away from their partner when temptation is high.



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