5 Useful Skills for Being a Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad or working from home sounds like a great idea until you sit down and think about what you need to do to achieve this lifestyle. But it is possible if you put your mind to, and you only need a handful of skills to get you started. Here are some of the skills that digital nomads use to fund their travels and lifestyle.

coworkingbansko from Pixabay


Writing Skills

As everything is done online, you need to make sure that your writing skills are impressive. Trying to communicate when your only mode is the written word can be tough so you need to make sure that everything is clear. But, more importantly, having good writing skills can help pay the bills. There is a massive market for writers who can work to a deadline and manage themselves. There are thousands of recruitment websites that are advertising freelance writer jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world.


Photography Skills

Depending on the path that you have chosen, you may need to rely on your photography skills. Photography is another big business as people are always looking for content and photos to add to their websites, and this means the demand for stock photos is always going up. All you need to get started is a camera and an eye for a good shot. Many people start off with their camera phone as they get to grips with selling their pictures.


Graphic Design

You might be surprised to learn that graphic design is one of the growing areas for digital nomads. The reason for this is that the technology that is used for design is getting smaller and easier to carry. You still might need to carry a few pieces of tech with you, but it can be carried. Brands are always looking for freelancers to whip up a last minute design, and small businesses are employing designers too. So there is always work available for the budding designer.



All over the world, people are trying their best to learn a new language, and you could be the perfect person to teach them. In the past, if you wanted to teach English abroad, you might have needed to use immigration solicitors to make sure you could work in another country. Now language can be taught online in a virtual classroom from anywhere in the world. You may need to look into what type of qualifications you need to teach your native language but it normally is very straight forward.


Programming Skills

It goes without saying that the virtual world is growing and there is demand for programmers to help shape the digital landscape. Remote working has become a growing option for developers, especially as some of them are known for working long hours. Working from home is the best choice for them, but nobody ever said where home had to be. If you have been looking for a job in programming, there is a good chance that you have been offered the chance to work from home and maybe call into the headquarters every six months to catch up with everyone that you work for.

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