Pregnancy Health Scares That Are Actually Totally Normal


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Pregnancy can sometimes be a scary time. And not just because you’re worrying about your baby. Your body is also going through some weird changes. And you’re not always quite sure what to make of them.

In this post, we take a look at some common pregnancy health scares, why they happen, and what they actually mean.


Stabbing Pains In Your Groin

Getting stabbing pains in your groin can be a little scary when you first experience them. But they are usually a perfectly normal part of being pregnant.

As the baby grows, it puts all sorts of pressure and tension on the pelvic area. This process can lead to intermittent “lightning” pains down there.

The problem usually becomes slightly worse in the weeks leading up to birth. As the baby changes position, it puts stress on all the connective tissues in the lower abdomen, getting them ready for delivery.


Gasping For Breath During The Night

Gasping for breath during the night is one of the signs of sleep apnea, alongside headaches in the morning and excessive snoring.

Again, sleep apnea can be a scary condition. It happens when the airways leading to the lungs relax and close up during sleep.

Pregnant women are at a much higher risk because of the pressure from their chests and abdomen. Usually, once you give birth, the problem should pass. However, if you’re worried about it or it’s disrupting your life, you can speak to your doctor. They may give you a device you wear on your chin to keep your airways open or a CPAP face mask that pumps air into your airways all night to keep them open.


Allergic Reactions To Food

You never had any allergies in the past. And so when they suddenly show up after getting pregnant, it can be a little unnerving.

Why does this happen?

Well, fundamentally, it has to do with changes in your immune system. Most women don’t have any trouble with foods like nuts and avocados during their normal lives. But the moment they become pregnant, they start running into all kinds of issues.

Your body is actually very good at telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy. Signals from the immune system tell you what you should and shouldn’t be consuming. That’s why you have so many cravings for weird and wonderful foods. It’s all a regular part of the process.


Uncontrollable Flatulence

Farting. Yes, that’s right. This is yet another health issue that you’ll face when you become pregnant.

It happens because of a hormone called relaxin – something that allows the abdominal walls to stretch and expand outwards to make room for the child. Usually, the intestines are quite tight and carefully manage your digestive process. But when they relax because of relaxin, it can lead to uncontrollable flatulence, plus burping and bloating.

If you have trouble, try doing some baby yoga. Daily practice will help eliminate all the farts from your system and leave you feeling much more comfortable after.



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