Protecting Your Valuables

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Over the course of our lives, many of us accumulate valuable possessions. What’s more, a subset of these are irreplaceable heirlooms and objects of sentimental value. Protecting them is, therefore, important. 

For most of our lives, we don’t pay much attention to secure storage. However, many of us can get a sense of foreboding when we hear of thefts in the neighbourhood. In this post, we take a look at some of the things that you can do to protect your valuables at home. Check them out below.


Buy A Security Safe

Security safes are essentially large metal boxes with robust, lockable doors at the front for storing all your valuables. Homeowners use them for all sorts of things, from gold bullion to cash to precious jewellery. So long as the security safe is large enough, you can use it for practically any item in your home. Just be sure that you get a safe that criminals can’t easily pick up or open. Ideally, you want to set it in concrete, fixing it to the floor or a wall. 


Invest In An Alarm

The next thing to do is to invest in an alarm. Alarms offer several benefits. First, they indicate to thieves that you’re the sort of person who takes security seriously. You’re not taking any chances. And secondly, it allows you to respond quickly in the event of a break

There are two primary types of alarm. The first is audible alert. These use sensors to detect authorised movement and then issue an alarm sound, usually a siren. This noise then attracts the attention of you and your neighbours, encouraging the burglar to flee, empty-handed. 

The other type is monitored alarms. They both sound and notify other people when activated. Some connect to your smartphone while others go straight through to the police, depending on your security setup. 

Police response alarms are rarer, but they are available. So long as you provide the correct numbers and code to your installer, then you can get a direct line to law enforcement. 


Keep Your Valuables In Storage

Another option is to keep your valuables in storage until you need them. The way this works is simple. You just hire some sort of self-storage or vault and then they provide all of the security you need to protect your assets. 

Keeping your valuables in storage is actually much more practical than having them at home. You don’t want to turn your house into Fort Knox, but it doesn’t matter if the storage facility is purely functional. 


Keep Your Valuables Out Of Sight

Burglars will rarely break into a home without doing a little reconnaissance first. The reason for this is simple: they want to know whether any valuables are lying around that could make it worth the risk of getting caught. 

Surprisingly, only around 20 per cent of people hide valuables in their homes. And more than 37 per cent say that they leave their gadgets on display. Hiding things away, however, can make a substantial difference in the likelihood of getting burgled. 

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