Tips for a stress free house move - title image - couple sitting amongst piles of boxes

Tips for a Stress Free House Move

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If you have ever moved house before then you’ll know it has the potential to be an incredibly stressful time. The packing seems to take forever, moving day is always a hectic experience and I don’t know of a single person that enjoys the unpacking stage. The process of buying the house was intense enough without any of this to worry about. With all this in mind, I’ve pulled together a few of my top tips for a stress free house move.


Hire a team of movers

If it works with your budget on top of other costs, the very first thing I can recommend is to hire a team of professional movers. Whether you choose to have them pack every single item for you or simply to take your belongings from one house to another, the amount of stress that it can save you is worth every penny.

We’ve decided to book movers to help with the later, taking all furniture and boxes for us. This will allow us to focus on cleaning the old house and managing what goes where in the new one. It also means that Charlotte and I can disappear and relax for the day while Mike and his brother (in our bubble) do all the hard work. We’d probably just get in the way after all.

Recruit helpful friends and family

Whether you are able to hire a team of professionals or not, having the help of friends and family is also invaluable. In addition to actually moving your items you’ll want to have enough hands to help clean your old house to ensure you leave it in good condition for the new owners and also clean the new house before starting to unpack. There will also be a handful of jobs which will need done on the day, such as building your bed(s) and any other essential items which your family relies on.

Have a clear out before you move

I’ve seen people suggest that having a clear out of your things in your new home as you unpack is the best approach to moving. I couldn’t disagree more. Not only are you giving yourself more stuff to move, you’ve got so much work to do in this new environment that should ideally be an enjoyable space. Unpacking is a rotten task as it is without having to think about keep, donate and throw away as well!

Instead, do all of this before you go. It’s not a very fun job, but it feels amazing when it’s done. Items which are being donated or binned can be cleared from the house gradually. Any items that you’re keeping and won’t be using again before the move can go straight into boxes giving you a kick start with packing.

Plan ahead

Where is everything going in your new place? Instead of just piling items into boxes in the order that you find them in your current house, think about where they’ll be going in your new one and pack accordingly.

It’s also a good idea to think about what you’ll need soon after moving and what can wait a little longer to be unpacked. You’ll need all of your cleaning things pretty quickly for example, whilst your fancy wine glasses can maybe stay in the box for a while…celebratory drinks aside of course.

For our move there’s a room that we won’t absolutely need straight away, so I’m assigning all of the non essential boxes to be put in there. This way, instead of having a kitchen full of boxes which we have to navigate around as we try figure out where everything will go we can begin with the items we need most and then work through the rest gradually. The gravy boat we only use at Christmas will find it’s place, but it doesn’t need to be on day one!

Label everything

Another simple but really helpful tip for a stress free house move is to label every box and piece of furniture. Don’t just write “kitchen stuff” on a box, be more specific. Start with the room the box needs to be put into and then exactly what’s inside. Can you imagine having a hectic moving day only to realise you’re bursting for a wee but the toilet paper is packed in one of five boxes labelled “bathroom stuff”.

This doesn’t need to be a complicated process, just give it a minute of thought. I’ve got a box marked “back room: candles and throws”. It’s not necessary straight away so it’s getting placed out of the way on moving day, but the second I’m ready to put my feet up for my first relaxed day in the new house I know exactly where to find my favourite blanket.

Pack a box of essentials

As a lead on from my previous point, I’d recommend packing a box or two of essentials. This occurred to me as, now having a baby, I can guarantee that we won’t want to start unpacking everything the day we move in. Instead we’ll have the stuff we really need close at hand.

Toilet rolls will of course be at the top of the list. Along with those, we’ll have two plates, two bowls, two mugs, a small bundle of cutlery and so on together so that we can have dinner that night and breakfast the next morning without much effort. Of course, pizza will be ordered to save cooking. That’s an unwritten rule for moving day isn’t it?

Likewise, I’m going to pack each of us a bag of clothes and toiletries as though we were going away for a weekend. That way, we are covered for a couple of days and don’t need to rush the unpacking process. I’d love to get settled in quickly, but I’m not putting the pressure on us!


Whether you’re buying your first home or your fourth, I hope that theses tips can help you have a relatively stress free house move. Now make sure to have the bottle of bubbles at the top of your essentials box and enjoy celebrating your new home!


Tips for a stress free house move - title image - couple sitting amongst piles of boxes

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