Smart Tips To Build Your Web Presence As A Small Business

Smart Tips To Build Your Web Presence As A Small Business

With Covid-19 still in play, the safest way to transact business is online. Figures from Forbes indicate that since the pandemic onset, internet use has risen by over 70%. This figure should give you an idea of how vital the internet is to business right now. This is of great significance to small businesses as people are more likely to shop online for products and services that are closer to them. With the playing field seemingly level at the moment, this is the best time for small businesses to increase their web presence. Here are some smart tips to show you how.


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Employing SEO

The internet is a complex mosaic that the consumer has to navigate to find what they want. If, as a small business, you can simplify this process and make it easier for people to see you, then you are at an advantage. The best way to go about this is employing SEO, and this will enable you to become more visible on the internet and show up in searches. If you know how to calculate the ROI of SEO, you will appreciate the investment you are making. With a few changes to your website and a good keyword strategy, you should be able to direct a lot of traffic to your business and convert that traffic into sales.


Create guest content

Have you ever heard of the saying, “content is king”? Well, if you have, it is no lie. On the web, content is truly king. Websites are ranked in order of value and relatability. So, the more content you have, the higher your chances of being ranked higher than those with no content. Above all, try to prioritize the quality and uniqueness of your content. Google frowns on copied or repeated content, so that may lead to a much lower ranking. How do you constantly create unique content? One way is to create a blog on your website and allow guest contributors to send in articles about your field. You can tweak submissions with popular keywords that people are searching for.


Get active on social media

With restrictions on movement still effective in most places, a lot of people connect on social media. So, if you do have social media handles, it is time to get active. Create engaging and interactive content for your pages to help you bond with your customers. You can do so by giving some free yet valuable tips on your industry in general or your products and services. DIY is one of the activities that has gained a large following during this time; it is a great strategy to get people following your page. Always remember to revert to your core business during your interactions and keep directing traffic to your website.

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As much as you are eager to build and improve your online presence, remember to secure your brand. One thing that brands such as Apple and Coca-Cola have is their universal appeal. This makes it easy to associate with them. Although you may not have that appeal as a small business, you must build your brand. One way to do that is through success stories, so ensure that your products or services are of the highest quality. Solicit feedback from customers to understand what they make of your product or service. These are the basics to building a solid brand. Beyond that, you should also consider being consistent in your message and image. This will create an easy recall in the customer’s mind, and before long, you will become an easily recognizable brand.

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