Daffodils against a blue sky for spring

The First Signs of Spring

I absolutely love winter and Christmas time but, this year especially, I’m so grateful to be seeing the first signs of spring. This time last year Mike and I had just found out we were pregnant. Just as our lives were about to burst into bloom with the garden, we all received the news that life was going to be taking a very sharp turn into lockdown.

Supermarket shelves emptied, temporary offices were set up at home and we all said goodbye to family, sure that a few tough months were all we’d have to face.

Our plans to tell family about our pregnancy in person soon became zoom calls showing scan pictures and whilst we missed the closeness we were convinced that we could at least share much of my pregnancy with loved ones.

I haven’t really spoken about the pandemic much on my blog, other than to say that I had to attend scans alone. Well, its been really fucking tough. You know that though, you’ve been through it too. One year on and of course we are still apart, but change is happening and there is a bright sunny light at the end of the tunnel.

Already this month I’ve been able to take Charlotte out for multiple walks through the park and we’ve even spent some time in the garden under a bight blue sky. I tried my best to introduce her to clouds, birds and aeroplanes as we lay on a picnic blanket…under another blanket (it might be sunny but we are still in chilly March after all). She was more interested in the overgrown conifers in our neighbours garden blowing in the wind. Maybe she needs to be a few months older to appreciate the grand sites of outside.

As the seasons shift the garden is beginning to fill with daffodils and the peony roses will be following their lead very soon. I’ll definitely be bringing both of them in to brighten up the house. as we’ve started to pack ready for moving house and the living room is beginning to look like a cardboard fort. With no moving date yet I need something to keep the place feeling like a home!

The morning sunshine is bringing me so much joy right now too. Last Sunday we had a long lie and Charlotte had some chilled play time rolling around on our bright white bedding in her nappy as the sun shone in through our window and everything just felt so fresh and calm. I imagine that’s exactly what we’re doing this morning too as this post publishes.

Between the thought of garden visits with family again very soon and chocolate Easter eggs following very closely behind, my mood is most certainly lifting. If you’re having a tough time at the moment, try and look out for the positives. It can be far easier said than done but so far it’s helping me ride the rest of this wave towards the joy of summer.


Emma x


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