We’re Moving House

Firstly I would like to begin this post by apologising for the radio silence. Baby Charlotte is already three and a half months old and I’m still trying to juggle feeding, naps, play time and drinking my tea when it’s still hot, so my poor blog hasn’t really stood much of a chance. Thankfully we’re both starting to find some routine in our day and I’m starting to find some head space for writing, which is lucky because I have some exciting news to share. We’re moving house!

To catch you up, let’s rewind a little.

Shortly alter Charlotte was born I went into a state of panic. I suddenly realised how far we were from family, a distance amplified by the lockdown over the past couple of months. Between the sleepless nights, the influx of intense hormones and the sheer reality that we were now responsible for a tiny human, this new life was an overwhelm for me to say the least. Priorities shifted and having our family at arms length was instantly very important.

My own family live over 200 miles away, a move which just wouldn’t be practical for us. Mike’s family on the other hand are only 30 minutes away in the north of Liverpool. Of course with a baby the normally short car journey to see them now feels like a huge distance, especially because we can’t just hop in the car and go. Being able to take a walk with the pram to Sunday lunch is all of a sudden far more important than the time it takes to get to the pub.

After some lengthy chats and a few searches on Rightmove we realised that the north of the city was the right place for us and a week later our house was on the market.

The next two months were spent arranging viewings (not the easiest during a pandemic) and becoming house hunting obsessed… I say that as though I wasn’t already someone who checked available properties on a regular basis. I know you do it too!

We also had to figure out finances! I’ve spoken previously about the important things to consider before moving house and of course we made sure to check all of this before agreeing the purchase of our new home. We made sure to go over everything from legal fees to potential stamp duty as well as any possible immediate repairs needed in the new house using a few tools to make things a little easier and less stressful. Take our mortgage for example. This calculator helped us to check what our increase in payments would be and ensure that we could afford them. Sounds simple, but it is so so important.

I’m so pleased to say that we have the sale agreed for our current house now. We’ve also had an offer accepted on the house which will now soon be ours. From here it’s just a waiting game as the solicitors do their thing. Naturally this means that I am required to scroll Instagram and Pinterest for decor ideas. I’ll no doubt have the entire house planned by the time we move in!

There are also some minor things we need to remember like redirecting our mail for a short while. The Post Office offer a service for this which is ideal. It does cost a bit but saves so much stress. (Yes, some of my accounts may still have my maiden name on them after almost two years of marriage, but we won’t talk about that.)

Then there’s the minor task of packing…I’ll start that tomorrow.

The house we’re buying is a beautiful 1930s semi. I can’t wait to show you and share the renovation progress. The work will be slow and steady, which I’m more than happy with as I can see it being our forever family home.

The emotional sap that I am I’m going to try not to get too upset when we leave south Liverpool. We do love our current house. It has been the perfect first home and has brought us so much joy. It’s even the place Charlotte was born. As they say, onwards and upwards!


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