How To Cope with Work/School/Family Life as The Pandemic Continues

We’ve all been working from home, schooling, living in our own little bubbles for almost a year now. Since this time last year much has changed and we’re no longer having to adapt to life inside our homes and seeing most of our friends and families through a screen. 

Sharing your workspace with kids can be hugely challenging. When you’re working out the ins and outs of CFD Trading the kids are learning to read or their times tables and are asking you a million questions an hour. It can all be a little stressful, but parents all over the world are experiencing that same struggle together. 

While us adults and our mature emotions are finding things tough, kids are experiencing a lot more of the struggles of doing school from home and not being able to see their friends. Since they are the ones who are missing out on socialization during this vital period of development, parents should be finding ways to keep the kids entertained while they try to work in a reasonably peaceful environment.

Here are some of the things you can do with or for the kids while working from home, without you losing your mind in the process.

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Continue to keep as much a routine as possible 

We get it, almost a year in, we’ve all let things slide a little when it comes to establishing a routine. Our kids may have started attending online lessons in the same pair of jammies for three days straight, but we mustn’t forget the importance of a routine. Kids need to be able to predict what will happen next in order to minimise stress. Routines also help you to be able to prioritise work tasks that require deeper concentration for when your kids are doing quiet tasks such as reading. 


Get Your Heart Pumping 

Yes, there’s a little less space at home, but there are so many creative ways to help kids stay healthy and active in the home. Keeping kids active is good for their physical and mental health, and is a great addition to anybody’s day while in quarantine. 


Delegate Chores, but make them fun. 

Let’s face it- nobody likes doing chores- especially not the exhausted mama who is trying to work and school from home, as well as keeping up with the chores and making sure everyone is fed. 

Here is where you get everyone involved. Do what you can to make it fun. Sing and dance, create treasure maps…let the kids come up with great ideas, too. This way, the kids will begin to take ownership of their tasks. However, some kids will need further encouragement. Use rewards that can now be exchanged for fun activities with the grown-ups such as cooking, choosing a film to watch, or a small gift. 


Lastly, and most importantly- give yourself a break, mama! The past year has been absolutely exhausting for everybody, and the last thing you want to do is to put pressure on yourself when things don’t go according to plan. 

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