sunshine and rain - cosy night in - cheeseboard 3

A Cosy Night at Home

With the cold weather, lockdown restrictions and minor detail of having a new baby at home, any form of venturing out into the big wide world this month is a far off dream. Instead, Mike and I promised each other a cosy night at home. A switch off all tech, put our feet up, make the house as toasty and comfortable as possible night in. Life as new parents has us both tired and whilst fresh coffee in the morning does help out a lot, we were both ready for some quiet time together. As much as little Charlotte would allow us anyway.

sunshine and rain - cosy night in - cheeseboard

The beginning of a new year often means healthy starts and new goals. Well, not in this house. In fact I imagine many of you are the same. We’ve all been through an incredibly tough year and the thought of setting even more restrictions just sounds awful.

Instead, we are continuing the joys of Christmas and the festive holidays for as long as we possibly can. The mince pies and stollen may be gone, but the shops are still full of so many other goodies!

sunshine and rain - cosy night in - cheeseboard 2

Shortly before Charlotte was born I was gifted this beautiful serving board from Sous Chef (AD – gifted). At the time, whilst pregnant, most cheeses were off limits.

Now I’m free to eat whatever I want…and you can bet your boots that I’ve been making the most of it. For just the two of us we had a selection of Manchego, Stilton, Red Leicester, Cheddar and Brie. I hope you’ll be pleased to here that this did last us longer than one evening. I’m enjoying my food now but I still have my limits.

sunshine and rain - cosy night in - cheeseboard 3

As this was one of our first quiet nights to enjoy after baby Charlotte arrived we didn’t stop at just cheese. Oh no, the full works were needed!

We lit the fire (gas but pretend it was a real crackling, wood burning beauty), opened the bottle of wine we had saved for our anniversary but couldn’t drink because I was pregnant and picked out a few jazz vinyls.

We may have needed to pause multiple times for baby soothing, as is the life of a new parent, but we had such a nice evening. The overwhelm of having a newborn is something else so slowing down to enjoy a few of our favourite things was so welcome.


Also, I haven’t been asked to suggest this, but there are so many beautiful items on the Sous Chef website which would be perfect as gifts, especially for those who love food or are very into their home interiors. I have my eye on some of their beautiful table ware and Mike is longing after the chef quality knives (he’s the cook in the house). May be perfect for Mother’s Day or an upcoming birthday!


Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, I’m off to eat some cheese leftovers!

Emma x

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