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36 Week Pregnancy Update

Since the day I have found out I was pregnant I have been engrossed in pregnancy updates from other bloggers. The only trouble is, most people don’t share them very regularly. To help anyone else who might be on the hunt for some relatable reading I thought I would begin sharing my progress with you once a month. Today I’m sharing my 36 week pregnancy update. If there is anything in particular you would like me to add, make sure to let me in know in the comments!

With just four weeks left of my pregnancy I am officially on the home run. If I’m honest with you I thought I would be, for want of a better phrase, bricking it at this stage. With the baby considered full term from next week I honestly thought it would all feel so overwhelming for me. It doesn’t at all. I feel calm and ready. Thanks to the preparation we have done as a couple and the support of my midwife, I’m looking forward to birth.

How am I feeling?

Exhausted but happy. Honestly, even with the pain I’m having in my pelvis and the terrible sleeping patterns I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier. Perhaps it’s the hormones, but I’ve had a number of teary moments recently when I just pause, look around and feel a genuine gratitude for everything I have. Especially as we remain in the middle of this horrible pandemic. I have an amazing husband whom I live in a cosy home with and we are surrounded, albeit at a distance, by very supportive families. This baby is about to be born into a very loving environment and honestly, is there anything more that I need?

My maternity leave has officially begun now and it has given me the breathing space to let go of deadlines and worrying about keeping others happy. I can officially be selfish and spend my days resting and eating. I may have a couple of days left, I may have several weeks. However long it is, I am embracing every moment!

How’s the bump?

Very full and apparently 2/5 engaged! I’ll be honest, I don’t fully know what this means and understand that while the baby is in a great position right now, they could easily wriggle their way out of there at any time. The important thing is that they seem to be settled in the right position for the moment with their bum in the air and their head down and they are very healthy. That’s all I can ask for!

What have I prepared for the baby so far?

Honestly, I think I can finally say that we are fully prepared. When I last posted an update I had a short list of things still to do; packing the hospital bag being the main one. Over the last couple of weeks I have ordered myself some new pyjamas perfect for breastfeeding, picked up some relaxing oils which I hope to use during the birth and stocked up on huge pants and pads too of course.

With the final items to hand the hospital bag is now packed and ready to go, should baby decide that they’re ready to make their arrival. One tip I was given was to have Mike pack the hospital bag instead of doing it myself. The likelihood is that when I am in the middle of labour, he’ll be the one getting things out for either me or the midwifery team so it’s best that he knows where everything is. Such a good idea!

My recommendations for other Mum’s-to-be.

This piece of advice comes directly from my midwife. Do everything now that you’d like to have done before the baby comes. Don’t limit this to simply completing the nursery. I mean everything. If there is a tiny bit of DIY that has been on the to-do list for weeks or months, get it done. If you’ve been meaning to clear out a drawer, do it now. Have a couple of calls you really need to make? Make them today.

According to my midwife, when we have a list of things in the back of our mind be they little or large, we are creating a block for labour. We aren’t able to fully relax our minds and so our bodies won’t relax either. I’ve taken this on board and together with Mike…OK, with Mike doing most of the work, have cleared that little list in the back of my mind. I now feel incredibly calm and ready.


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