Tips and Tricks for Sending Vinyls in the Post

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When you’re sending items in the post, one of the most important things to do it to make sure you’ve packaged it right. Accidents can happen in transit, so it’s always best to make sure your item is secure when packaged to minimise the chances of it getting damaged.

Fear not, Lil Packaging has developed an excellent solution to this problem. This company are always working on creating the next best packaging ideas, but making it so it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Postal packaging is an industry dominated by single-use plastics, but Lil Packaging are determined to change this.


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Sending Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records are fragile, therefore may get damaged in transit. They are made from thin plastic and engraved with hundreds of grooves which produce incredible sound. They have made a comeback, becoming a popular collector’s item. They can be averse to bending or snapping in the post, so this causes many issues for the record.

Using a Vinyl Mailer

Lil Packaging has developed its packaging for vinyl records, which is made from 100% recyclable material and provides excellent strength.

Many vinyl record packaging has flimsy corners which aren’t designed to deal with any impact. Lil packaging’s vinyl packaging has robust purpose-built corner and buffered edges to help maximise the protection of the product. If the corners of a package are not strong or robust, they can bend easily. This happens when a parcel is mishandled during postage, but thankfully Lil Packaging are here to save your parcels.


Eco-friendly packaging

The focus on environmentally friendly packaging solutions is a top priority. Lil Packaging produces vinyl record packaging from high-quality kraft corrugated cardboard which is more robust than traditional corrugated cardboard. Sealed together with a high-quality glue which is also environmentally friendly, this is a fantastic alternative to glue comprised of chemicals which are unhealthy for the environment.


Not only does Lil packaging provide a better environmental alternative, but the packaging is also effortless to open. The days of ripping boxes open and using scissors to cut between the tape on a package are gone. Easy peel and tear tabs are what Lil Packaging use on their vinyl record packaging, allowing for an easy-open to get the vinyl out of the box, minimising the risk of damage.



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