How To Winterise Your Home

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Winter sets in like a thick blanket and can make it difficult for homeowners who aren’t prepared.  Without getting your house ready, you may put your home at risk of leaks, drafts, broken ac units, or even your roof caving in from freeze and rot.  Here are some general tips to help you get your home ready for winter that everyone should follow.


Check Your Pipes

This step can be vital, especially if you live in an area that has to last through deep freezes.  Some parts of the country, like southern states like Texas and Georgia, have pipes run through the attic, which can cause freezing and bursting if temperatures drop too low.  If your pipes aren’t ready for winter and you’re in these areas, leave your taps dripping when the weather gets too chilly.

In northern areas, you must make sure your pipes are ready for anything.  These areas usually have pipes going through floorboards and basements, causing major home flooding if anything goes wrong.  Have your pipes checked by a professional at least once every year.


Clean Your Gutters

This step may seem obvious, but your gutters have to get cleaned before the first freeze.  A buildup of leaves and debris could leave your home at risk for ice buildup.  This ice could then cause roof damage, leaks, or even a roof cave that could cost tens of thousands to recover. If you don’t want to have to clean your gutters a couple of times a year, then you should consider getting covers for your gutters.


Check For Drafts

Drafts can keep your home from ever thoroughly warming up.  You can check for drafts by using candles in areas that seem a little drafty to you.  A candle will blow in one direction or the other if there’s air movement.  This test will show you which windows or doors are letting air out and help you find a fix for these problems before winter fully sets in, and you have to start searching for Vancouver homes for sale.


Run Your Heater

It will help if you run your heater before winter.  You have to make sure that it runs so that you won’t have to find out on a freezing day.  This precaution will help you avoid long lines of people trying to get theirs repaired at the last minute. This step will also ensure that you’ll never have to deal with a too-cold home when you need the heat most.


Check Insulation

Insulation is your home’s defence against the outdoor elements.  It can protect you from heat or cold, depending on the season, and you should always keep in mind.  Check your insulation levels to see if you have enough, and give yourself the time you need to get this repaired.  Go through professionals for this fix to ensure it’s carried through safely.


Prepare Yard for Spring

Make any changes necessary to have your yard prepared for spring.  Plant any bulbs that call for late fall planting, and rake away any leaves, so they don’t cause a sludge when they freeze and thaw through the winter.

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