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32 Week Pregnancy Update

Since the day I have found out I was pregnant I have been engrossed in pregnancy updates from other bloggers. The only trouble is, most people don’t share them very regularly. To help anyone else who might be on the hunt for some relatable reading I thought I would begin sharing my progress with you once a month. Today I’m sharing my 32 week pregnancy update. If there is anything in particular you would like me to add, make sure to let me in know in the comments!

Another four weeks has passed and I have now reached the seven months mark. The 28 week milestone felt like a big one, but this is just something else. With 37 weeks being considered a healthy full term, I could have my baby in my arms next month. I am still baffled by it all, but oh my goodness am I excited. It’s almost time to be a mum and I can’t wait!

How am I feeling?

Uncomfortable but content. This is the response I give every time someone asks me now. I never go into too much detail, but I also don’t like to sugar coat pregnancy. Before experiencing PGP (pelvic girdle pain) myself I had never heard anyone speak about it. Nor many of the other discomforts that happen for many women as a normal part of pregnancy. I wish I had, it would have made me worry a little less.

Sleeping continues to be difficult as I have to turn over several times in the night to relieve pressure from my hips. Of course, I need to go to the loo at least once every night as well if I don’t want to wake up in a puddle. Another very normal part of pregnancy, but no fun when moving is difficult.

Through every pain I still feel so good about pregnancy though. The baby is very healthy according to my midwife and growing well. The maternal instinct reassures me that my hips will get better and all that really matters is that baby is happy. As long as I can feel them wriggling around, I’m happy too!

How’s the bump?

This is going to sound very bizarre, but I feel like the baby’s personality is coming through now. In my bump. Before, it was just the big belly that was keeping my baby safe, but as they get bigger and take up more and more room, every movement that I see and feel shows me what they might be like. I can tell from the shape of my bump which way they’re lying and whether they’re asleep or awake. I can cuddle my bump and it feels like I’m cuddling them.

The contractions have also started! Don’t panic, not those ones. The Braxton Hicks kind. One in particular was a bit of a shock for me and I actually phoned my midwife to check everything was OK. Without warning, the whole of the right side of my bump seized up. It was the same sensation as when you get cramp in your foot or leg, you know the kind, and lasted about two minutes. I won’t lie, it wasn’t comfortable and actually a bit sore.

My midwife reassured me that it was totally normal though and could even help with the progression of labour when it’s time. Since the big one, I’m now noticing my bump tighten and release more and more often. None of these contractions have hurt though, I normally don’t feel them at all actually.

What have I prepared for the baby so far?

In the past four weeks, with most practical things like clothes, Moses basket and the nursery organised, I’ve turned my attention more to the birth and the weeks which will follow. Last night Mike and I sat down and put our birth plan together, with the help of the Positive Birth Book.

We both had a pretty good idea of the sort of birth we are hoping to have, but putting it down on paper confirmed it all for us. More importantly, it will ensure that anyone else involved in the birth will know exactly what we want without us having to explain every detail.

To keep things simple, we opted to use a visual birth plan. Using icons created by the author of the Positive Birth Book, we were able to outline my personal feelings towards birth, preferred people in attendance, preferences for theatre birth should one be necessary and much more. Most importantly, I have outlined that all decisions need to be discussed with us before being made. The book has instilled in me that I may not be able to control nature, but I can still be in control of the choices made as my baby arrives.

In my last update I mentioned that we had signed up to a free antenatal class online to prepare us further. Well I would highly recommend taking a look if you haven’t had the opportunity to be involved in any other classes so far. We took one with The Baby Academy and found it invaluable.

As it stands, with my first due in eight weeks time, I have never bathed a baby. I couldn’t tell you what they need in terms of clothing layers. I have never even changed a nappy. The two hour class (which we watched from the sofa) covered all of these things and more. Immediately my mind was put at ease. I’ll now be able to approach these things without feeling completely clueless. Sure they’ll take practice, but that’s OK.

My recommendations for other Mum’s-to-be.

My recommendations for any other Mum’s to be this month very much follow on from the preparation I’ve been doing. If you haven’t already, discuss the birth you would like to have with your partner and antenatal team, whatever form that takes. Make yourself aware of your options and ensure that whoever will attend the birth with you is aware of them too. It may be that you need them to speak for your when you are in the depths of labour.

Also take the time to learn a little bit about the key care you will be providing for your baby once they arrive. For some this information will be totally obvious and for others it will be brand new. As I said, it was new for me. No matter what you know already, a little bit of information can go a long way. For your sake more than the baby’s, I’m sure that being prepared for the basics will help to keep you calm and in a good head space, even when things are tough as you get to grips with being a parent.


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  1. How exciting, it’s not so long to go now. I hope it doesn’t drag for you. The last few weeks are the time for resting and getting to know baby before they arrive. I always loved those days despite the uncomfortable times. Braxton Hicks are a pain, but trust me, you’ll know when it’s the real thing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Me and my wife we both just through your blogs. She’s 30 weeks pregnant. She loved your articles. Thanks once again.

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      That means so much, I’m so glad it has helped! I’m hoping to post my birth story soon, but I’ll need to find a reasonable bit of time to make that happen…maybe when baby is 18 years old 😛 All the best with the rest of your pregnancy, if you have any questions or just fancy a chat just shout!

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