7 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

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There are a lot of conflicting pieces of advice surrounding what you can and can’t do while pregnant. While there are some pieces of advice that are certainly true (e.g. limiting alcohol and not smoking), others are largely myths. Here are 7 pregnancy myths debunked.

You should avoid seafood

The majority of seafood poses only a very small risk to your baby. The main dangers are fish that are high in mercury (i.e. tuna, mackerel) and raw fish (e.g. tuna) due to the possible presence of listeria – these are the types of seafood that you may want to be wary of. Generally speaking though, well-cooked shrimp or salmon isn’t going to do any harm.

You should avoid coffee

Consuming high levels of caffeine during pregnancy could increase the risk of having a baby with a low birth weight. However, the odd coffee is not going to do you any harm. If you want to be safe, stick to one cup of coffee or tea per day.

You should avoid tap water

There’s a common belief that drinking tap water can increase the risk of birth defects due to chemicals such as chlorine and lead. In most cases, the health risks are very low. If you wanted to be careful, you could always consider adding a filtration system to eliminate these chemicals – you can find information on these filtration systems here https://www.filtap.com.au/melbourne-water-filters/. You may want to be a little more wary when drinking tap water in other countries.  

You can’t fly while pregnant

It’s generally safe to fly until 36 weeks. Some international flights restrict travel after 28 weeks, but you may still be able to fly with a doctor’s note. In other words, if you’ve fallen pregnant and you’ve got a vacation booked, there may be no need to cancel it – unless it’s scheduled right before your due date.

You shouldn’t have sex while pregnant

Having sex while pregnant will not harm your baby. You may want to avoid certain positions, but there’s no reason to avoid sex completely. That said, some people find that they don’t have much of a sex drive when pregnant – in these cases, it’s perfectly fine to abstain while pregnant.  

You must eat for two

You don’t need to eat for two while pregnant. This will likely only result in weight gain, which will be hard to shift afterwards. The body becomes more efficient at absorbing nutrients during pregnancy – so long as you’re eating a healthy amount of food for yourself, your baby should get all the nutrients that it needs.

You should avoid exercise

Exercise during pregnancy is actually recommended. The more active you are, the less likely you are to experience difficulties in late pregnancy and birth. Certain types of exercise are best avoided of course – these include high-impact exercises that involve jumping. Exercises like running, yoga and swimming are perfectly healthy during pregnancy. This guide https://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/exercises-for-pregnant-women offers a few examples of exercises you can do during pregnancy

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