Low-Cost Medicine Cabinet Essentials

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When it comes to the content of our homes and our places of work, we should all think about keeping ourselves safe and healthy. That’s where the likes of a medicine cabinet comes in handy. Pretty much every professional and commercial property will have these things just in case a customer, client, or member of staff falls ill or hurts him or herself. 

While plenty may have these stored away in their homes, many individuals and families alike don’t actually have something like this within the confines of their homes. Everyone will have at least a small cabinet or set of drawers filled with stuff for dental health and everyday body washing, but some leave it at that. It might not be a hugely significant issue every single day, but it’s probably wise to get yourself one and stock up wisely.

What should end up in your medicine cabinet, though? Well, if you’re just moving into your home for the first time or you’ve never really taken much notice in this regard, then here are a few low-cost essentials for any household or establishment:

Pain Relief Medicine

Headaches and other such physical pains are very common. The majority of the time, we just soldier on and wait for the pain to subside. A glass of water a little rest will usually do the trick. It doesn’t always make the pain go away, though, and that’s where painkiller medicine will come in handy. Other treatments like antidepressants for mental issues might want to be stored in your personal medicine cabinet, too – it’s also good to have a home for something as important as these. 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something that would be mandatory in a public, professional, and commercial zone. Not everyone has one in their private setting, however. While it’s not something you NEED to keep in your home, it’s something that would be very welcomed in any abode. You never know when something might go a little south, so it’s good to have a small piece of kit tucked away in a cabinet. 

Medicine For The Stomach

It happens to everyone at some stage, and it’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Stomach bugs and the subsequent issues that follow can be pretty horrific and can last a few days. Having things like diarrhoea medication and similar kinds of medication to keep things operating as they should be a necessity in your home. 

Blood Pressure Equipment  

Of course, this will come into question a lot more if you’re struggling with your blood pressure of late, but it’s a good, handy little piece of a kit if ever you’re feeling a little under the weather. Sure, some of the machines can cost a lot, but the smaller items can be very cheap while they last for years.

Contact Numbers

This, of course, costs absolutely nothing – except for the pen and paper you’ll be using! Writing down key contacts and emergency numbers and storing them in your cabinet would make a lot of sense. If someone is a guest and needs to know who to call, they can head straight to it and get the info they need. 


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