How To Expand Your Online Business Out Of Your Basement and Into Success

If you have ever started an online business, you will know that it is frankly exhausting – particularly if you begin your online business from home, utilising your skills and limited knowledge to retail through Etsy, Ebay, or your own site. At least one room in your house will be filled with your products; your life will be spent taking trips to the post office; and you will find yourself awake at 3am, sorting through bills and stuffing parcels. The cost-effectiveness of an online business is not to be underestimated; you have no storefront to rent, few or no employees to pay, and can focus purely on the quality of the products and the shipping. But what are the downsides of running an online business?

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When you start out, you are probably running your business as a side hustle. Very few people can afford to quit their job to start a small business as a sole trader; this means late nights and early mornings trying to promote and kickstart your business while holding down a full-time job. Add a marriage, kids, a home and self care into the mix, and you’re looking at a life which is packed full to the brim with activity. As great as it is to grow a business, overlapping your business into your personal space and personal life can be bad for you. It is hard to distinguish between work and relaxation time, and your home, which is ideally your sanctuary for calm, can become a stressful place to be.

What’s The Solution?

If you have been running your online business for a while and it is beginning to grow, it’s time to grow with it. That means expanding your services to become more widely available, and recruiting helpful resources to help you with it. It’s time to get out of the basement and into the real world of business.

Hiring Or Buying A Warehouse Space

This is an essential step once your business begins to grow. Hiring or purchasing a small warehouse which will be the hub of your business operation will help you achieve more work-life balance and will improve your organisation in leaps and bounds. There are safety considerations to consider with a working warehouse, such as trip-free Warehouse Flooring, proper equipment and fire safety – but everything comes with baggage. A warehouse space will take your business to the next level.

Quitting Your Day Job

When your online business takes off, it’s time to embrace the moment head-on. It is a terrifying thought, to rely on your online business which could all come crashing down, but all successful people take risks. Otherwise you’re on the sidelines, wishing you were brave enough to play. Get your head in the game and give it your all, and you’re bound to be rewarded with success.

Recruit A Team

It’s hard to get used to trusting others with your tiny one-man-show, but it’s worth it. Recruiting a small team of dedicated people will help you build your brand and take a huge weight off your shoulders. Finding the right people is hard, but once you have them, you’ll wonder how you ever coped alone!


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