Back to Your Roots: 3 Ways You Can Give Back to the Planet (That Aren’t Crazy Expensive)

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Part of frugal living is about making the most of the bare minimum. When we start to consider our actions in order to minimise costs in the household, for example, recycling products so we become a more sustainable household rather than wasting things, we may start to think about what we can do to give back to the planet. Certain things become ingrained habits, like recycling, but when you start to consider little habits that can make you a more sustainable and carbon-friendly person, what are some of the big issues that require small changes?

Going Zero-Waste

If you are considering taking the next step beyond recycling, going zero waste by incorporating composting can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. Hosting a zero-waste party is easier than you think. And especially as paper plates and cups can be composted and you can buy ethically, this can help you to give back. Zero-waste parties can be achieved. And even if you want to go to the next step, especially if you have a big event like a wedding there are tips for organising a sustainable wedding out there. Going zero-waste may sound complex, but there are many resources available, as long as you know where to look.

Eating Closer to Home

If you start to think about how much it costs to transport fruits or vegetables from another country and you consider the fuel costs for transporting this, in addition to growing and packaging it, you might think twice about buying certain types of foods. Though this can be complex, especially when we have to figure out our shopping for the week, there is a movement of people setting up their own allotments and growing produce in their back garden. Eating closer to home either by growing your own foods where possible or consciously spending 20% less on foods that have travelled to the supermarket, will help reduce your bills while saving the planet. Eating closer to home may seem more expensive, but when you start to invest in locally grown products that haven’t gone through the preservation process, you’re eating better quality foods which will nourish you more.

Think About Your Transport Investments

Sometimes we can’t avoid getting in the car, but where possible, if we can invest in a bicycle or public transport, this will all go towards reducing our carbon footprint. When you think about the costs associated with running a car, from the MOT to the petrol it can be a massive chunk of your expenses. With something like a bicycle, it can be a considerable investment upfront but it’s something you don’t have to invest in as much overtime to maintain. 


When you start to think about your carbon footprint in terms of these little components you might think that there is a bit more expense involved. In actual fact, when you start to get into the mindset of investing in something upfront, this will help you over time. And it’s not easy to go zero waste or to eat closer to home but these parts of our lives that may seem more expensive do balance out or work out cheaper when you consider the impact they can have on the planet.

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