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My 28 Week Pregnancy Update

Since the day I have found out I was pregnant I have been engrossed in pregnancy updates from other bloggers. The only trouble is, most people don’t share them very regularly. To help anyone else who might be on the hunt for some relatable reading I thought I would begin sharing my progress with you once a month. Today I’m sharing my 28 week pregnancy update. If there is anything in particular you would like me to add, make sure to let me in know in the comments!

It honestly feels like I only shared my 24 week pregnancy update with you a week or so ago but here I am, at 28 weeks pregnant. This means I am officially past the six month mark and well and truly into my third trimester. To put it bluntly, shit is getting real!


How am I feeling?

I can’t lie, I’m beginning to feel quite uncomfortable. After a couple of weeks of noticing some pain in my hips and pelvis I took a look at the NHS website which suggested I’m probably dealing with PGP. Pelvic Girdle Pain is really common in pregnancy and can be experiences at various levels by different women.

Having only just noticed it recently, I’m hoping I’m early enough to stop it from progressing too much. Simple things like sitting down when getting dressed, sleeping with a pillow between your knees and doing basic exercises on a birthing ball can apparently make a lot of difference so I’m trying them all. The birthing ball is just comfy to sit on too!

Discomfort in my pelvis aside, I’m pleased to say I do feel really good. I’m often very tired in the afternoons, but with all of this extra weight on my body and the energy it takes to grow a human I’m at peace with that. I’m happy and healthy and that’s what matters.

How’s the bump?

Growing, every day. My poor belly button has reached the point of stretching and I’m definitely noticing the bigger bump size more and more now in every day tasks. Rolling over is a little tricky and “squeezing past” a chair at the dinner table is definitely no longer an option. Any mums or mums to be will no that moment when you realise that you can no longer pull your stomach in and just have to find yourself a new route instead.

I have noticed a couple of small stretch marks around the side of my bump too. Don’t worry, I’m not frantically scrolling the internet for ways to heal them. It’s all part of pregnancy and the changes that my body needs to go through to make space for the baby. Regular moisturising, when I remember to do it, should be enough to care for my skin. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I won’t be looking to “bounce back” to my pre-pregnancy body and stretch marks are included in this!

What have I prepared for the baby so far?

Most things are prepared now actually. When I updated you four weeks ago we still only had a few of the larger items purchased as we wanted to spread the cost. As of a few days ago we’re now a lot more organised, with the essential clothes and sleeping bags that baby will need when they first arrive.

On Mum’s advice we haven’t gone over board. She said that from her own experience we are likely to be gifted a lot of lovely outfits and so it would be sensible to stick to sleep suits, vests and muslins. We only ventured to one shop to avoid the crowds, but I could easily have spent a small fortune on the beautiful clothes if I hadn’t known better!

The nursery is coming along well too, with the new carpet being fitted tomorrow. Once that is in we’ll be ready to order a chest of drawers which we’ve chosen from Ikea. We can also add the cot which we’re inheriting from Mike’s mum and a nursing chair we’ve found to sit in the corner of the room. It seems crazy that everything is coming together so quickly, but with just twelve weeks to go I’m happy to be on top of it all. The sooner we are ready for baby to arrive, the sooner I can relax and enjoy the final months of pregnancy.

My recommendations for other Mum’s-to-be.

Something which I’m doing right now, which I would definitely recommend to other Mums-to-be at a similar stage, is signing up for antenatal classes. Of course, everything is online at the moment, but I don’t imagine that will make them any less valuable. As the weeks close in I am realising that whilst I feel prepared for big things like the birth, smaller tasks like baby’s first bath and how to change a nappy are still a foreign language to me.

With that in mind I have Mike and I booked into a class that popped up on Instagram which we’ll watch at the end of the month. I’m also going to register for our local family centre this week, as recommended by my midwife. I think that most of their classes happen in the later weeks of pregnancy, but I’ve been told that they can also be great for classes and things once baby is here. Having not met any other new mums in the local area yet due to lockdown, I’m really keen to give those a go!


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