4 Wedding Budget Mistakes To Watch Out For

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The average cost of a wedding is over £16,000 and it can easily get a lot more expensive than that. Even though there are some great ways to save money, you need to make sure that you budget well so your spending doesn’t get out of control. Unfortunately, a lot of couples make mistakes with their budget and they end up spending a lot more than they planned to. If you are in the early stages of planning, these are the biggest budgeting mistakes that you need to avoid. 

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Planning Before You Have A Budget 

Deciding on a budget is the very first thing that you need to do because it will save a lot of disappointment further down the line. If you start looking at venues and fall in love with one before you decide on a budget, you will feel let down if you later realize that you can’t afford it. But if you have a budget in place from the very beginning, you can manage your expectations and start looking at places that you are able to afford. 

Skipping The Wedding Planner 

Many people think that they can save money by doing everything themselves without hiring a wedding planner, but that isn’t the case. When you hire a wedding planner, you benefit from their expertise and they will have plenty of tips and tricks to help you save money. They also have good relationships with caterers, photographers, and wedding bands, so they will be able to get a better price than you can on your own. Having a wedding planner also takes the stress out of the whole process so you can focus on enjoying it. 

Failing To Compensate For Expensive Items 

There will be some things that you want to splurge on and that’s fine. However, you need to compensate for those expensive items by making some savings elsewhere. For example, if you are buying an expensive dress, look for some cheap wedding shoes to offset the cost. This means that you can have the expensive items that you want without going way over budget. 

Buying Everything 

There are a lot of things that you will never use again after your wedding day, and if you buy everything, you will be stuck with all of that stuff. You could sell it on, but you will make a loss and it can be time consuming trying to find buyers for wedding decor or furniture, for example. You can save a lot of money if you hire things instead of buying them, so consider what you will actually want to keep after the wedding. Things like the decor can easily be hired, and you should consider hiring groomswear as well. It is not likely that the groomsmen will wear their suits again after the wedding anyway, so buying them all is a waste of money. 


If you can avoid these common budgeting mistakes, you will find it a lot easier to keep your spending under control when planning your wedding. 

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