Enhance Your Eco Credentials With These Top Tips

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The importance of environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly evident. Firms such as McDonald’s are doing their bit by removing plastic straws. Global leaders have acknowledged the harm that climate change is doing, and are addressing it at summits and slowly, but we are all realising that we all need to play an active role in protecting our planet.

You face a challenging yet gratifying challenge if you are someone determined to make some significant changes to do your bit.  Some of the changes you will have to make may appear intimidating, but once you have dipped your toes into the world of sustainability, they will become much easier. Here, we share three things that you can do to help enhance your eco-credentials. 

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Reduce your water consumption

Because we live on a planet that is made up of two-thirds water, it is easy to overlook the fact that it is not a never ending source.  Even with global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps, we can and will run out of water if we continue to use it at the speed we are. Thankfully, reducing your water consumption can be pretty straightforward. Start by fixing any leaky taps or pipes on your premises, take showers and turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. Stop or reduce your use of hoses and sprinklers in the garden and harvest natural rainwater in a small water tank from The Tank Factory

Use less paper and plastic, and recycle what you do use

You make an enormous contribution to saving the planet when you consider removing as much paper and plastic from your daily lives as possible. You hardly even need paper for anything with technology today. When you do need to use it, recycle as much of it as possible. It is also a smart idea to slash your plastic usage, too. Instead of picking up plastic bags when you are out shopping, take your canvas bags. They have the advantage of being more robust and hold more as well. If you do have to use plastic, recycle it appropriately if and when you can. Even the smallest of changes, such as swapping from hand wash in a plastic bottle to bar soap can make a massive difference.

Reduce the meat in your diet

More than a quarter of the land on earth is used for animal farming or supporting livestock. There are overwhelming levels of greenhouse gases produced by the meat sector, so by reducing the amount of meat in your diet, you can make a  difference. You do not have to cut it out entirely unless you want to. Many people decide to do things such as not eat meat on a Monday. It is an excellent opportunity to try some new ingredients and recipes and save some money, too.


If you are someone who wants to change your life positively, begin to change how you interact with the environment. Being eco friendly has a beneficial impact on you and your surroundings. It does not have to be hard to make your life a little greener!


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