Taking A Break From Working From Home

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Do you remember when everybody craved independence to work from home? Oh, how things have changed! Currently, the idea of spending another cooped up in your kitchen is akin to house arrest. All you want to do is get back to normality, whatever that might look like in the future.

Of course, your health, and that of the public, comes first, which is why you’ve been squirrelling away in your makeshift office. But, what if the grind has become too much? What if you are desperate for a change of scenery? Well, as restrictions ease, remote workers do have more options at their disposal. Here are four of the best.


Coffee Shops

In simple times, trundling down to your favourite coffee shop was a piece of cake. Now, it’s a privilege that you’ll never take for granted again. The good news is that lots of eateries and restaurants are open, and they’re offering more than takeaway services. Many of the UK’s top chains, from Cafe Nero to Starbucks, allow customers to sit in-store. You could have to wear a mask from the 24th of July, and you might want to consider how long you spend in an establishment with limited seating, yet it’s better than remaining indoors all day!

Serviced Offices

If you’ve sent your lockdown life trying to live frugally, a serviced office probably isn’t the solution. Don’t get it twisted – growing vegetables and cutting overheads aren’t indulgences. Of course, neither is your mental health, the part of your well being that is affected the most by self-isolation. Serviced offices, while more expensive than Costa, offer other advantages, as this website highlights. For one thing, you get the freedom to spend a full day in your own office without being judged. Secondly, it’s an environment that you can regulate, so there’s a smaller chance of passing on or catching the virus.

Al Fresco

Okay, so the United Kingdom isn’t notorious for its incredible weather and year-round sunshine. If anything, it’s the opposite! Of course, even us Brits become hot under the collar when the sun finally feels like shining on our tiny island, and when it does, it brings working outside into play. You might not have access to a front or back garden, yet that doesn’t matter as it’s as easy to set up shop in a park. Aside from a groundsheet to keep you clean, you should take a remote battery pack, an internet dongle, and your lunch according to this post. When in Rome, people!

A Balance

There aren’t tonnes of opportunities at the moment, so you should get used to the fact that you won’t be able to leave the house for prolonged periods daily. What you can do is mix up your schedule by spending a shift in your office and finishing off in one of the reputable establishments above. If the weather is clear in the morning, you can seize the day and work al fresco before returning home in the afternoon.


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