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Five Frugal Things in July 2020

The frugal community on social media is such an inspiring one and I absolutely love picking up their money savvy tips. It has always been important to me to keep on top of my spending habits and prepare for the future, but there has never been a more significant time than right now. With a baby on the way and a pandemic to deal with at the moment, finances have become a priority for myself and my husband. Here are my five frugal things for July 2020.


Free plants for the garden. At the beginning of the month I spotted a deal on Instagram for a free mini Willow tree. When we had our garden renovated last month we had our borders lined with new timber sleepers. The borders then became a lot wider in areas and we now have a lot more space for planting than we did before. A large part of this will be used for vegetables, all going well. We didn’t want to have to spend to much money filling in the other gaps.

Free plants to the rescue! When I went on to the website to claim the mini willow tree, I spotted some Buddleja being offered for nothing as well. You might know it better as a butterfly bush. It grows to several feet, smells incredible and of course attracts a lot of butterflies too. Perfect for filling the bald patch in our garden. I just had to cover the delivery. At £4.99 for large plant and a small tree, I’m happy!


Home baking for cravings. Each week I seem to have a new pregnancy craving. In my first trimester I was all about the salty foods and couldn’t get enough of crisps and pickles. Then a couple of weeks ago I HAD to have a McDonalds. This week, Belgian buns were all I could think about. At a sensible time of the day you ask? Oh no, at 10pm of course.

That night I went to bed hangry and dreaming of sweet dough and white icing. Sadly, as we’re staying safe at home at the moment, running straight to the shops wasn’t an option the next morning. Instead I made rock cakes. Not quite as fancy and not quite as good, but they curbed my craving and we had everything I needed for them in the cupboard. A cheap solution is always a good one and it certainly helped my previous grump!


New washer dryer for free. OK technically it wasn’t free, but it definitely felt that way as no money left our bank account. Mike and I got married last year and were lucky enough to receive several John Lewis vouchers as gifts. We don’t tend to shop there and over twelve months after the wedding we were still figuring out what to spend them on. Then it occurred to us. With a baby on the way and an inevitable avalanche of washing to follow, it was time to upgrade our laundry system.

We inherited the washing machine we’ve been using for the last three and a half years with the house, so it was getting a little old. We’ve also not got the space for a separate tumble dryer in our utility room. After a bit of browsing we found the perfect solution. A washer-dryer. Not only can it handle a larger load than our old machine, it’s far smaller too. That should leave us more space in the utility for parking the pram. Bonus!


Google Nest for £10. Once we had purchased the washer-dryer with our vouchers we were left with a whole £10 to spend. As you can imagine, there’s not too much to buy on John Lewis for a tenner so we had a look around. There was an offer available to buy a Google Nest for £10 when you’d spent over £100 on a single item. It was perfect!

As it happens, we don’t need a Nest. We’re an Amazon Echo family in this house. The Nest is worth about £50 though so we decided we would get it and then sell it on Ebay. We’ll offer it for less, so someone else gets a good deal and we make a bit of money at the same time. It’s a win win.


New glasses for Mike. Neither Mike or I are very forgetful. Nor do we tend to lose things. So there was a bit of confusion for both of us when a pair of Mike’s glasses seemed to vanish in thin air. Especially during lockdown, as we’ve not left the house for anything other than shopping. After searching high and low we came to the conclusion that the fairies must have taken them. The same ones that steal my hair bobbles I can only assume.

Glasses can be so expensive but I’m lucky to have a thrifty husband who knows how to find a good deal. He looked on Glasses Direct and was able to find a buy-one-get-one-free deal for two pairs, with an extra 40% off. He’s given me a code to share which gives you £35 off. I’ll add it here. This isn’t an affiliate, but Mike does get a bonus on his account if you use it. He says thank you!



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  1. Ah, thats annoying about the glasses! Sods law says you usually find them too just after the new ones arrive. Brilliant find with the willow tree, I am hoping to take cuttings from woody plants to propagate this year so I have a few extra plants for free. Ive seen some beautiful lavender outside our local Lidl and I might try and take a few cuttings from there too!

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Oh that’s absolutely what will happen Hannah. His second pair broke the other day though too, so the new ones are definitely needed now! Lavender is something I would love to have in my garden, for the colour and the smell, so I’m with you there 🙂 #wotw

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