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20 Week Pregnancy Update

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Since the day I found out I was pregnant I have been engrossed in pregnancy updates from other bloggers. The only trouble is, most people don’t share them very regularly. To help anyone else who might be on the hunt for some relatable reading I thought I would begin sharing my progress with you once a month. Today I’m sharing my 20 week pregnancy update. If there is anything in particular you would like me to add, make sure to let me in know in the comments!

At the beginning of May I told you all about my first trimester of pregnancy and experiences so far. Much of my time during those first twelve weeks was spent feeling nervous about what was to come. I then shared my 16 week update and thankfully, was feeling far more relaxed. Well, yesterday I went for my 20 week scan and I can honestly say my mood has been lifted to a whole new level. I’m just filled with excitement and can’t believe that I’m already half way through my pregnancy!

How am I feeling?

Still sleepy, but otherwise wonderful. My appetite is back to it’s former glory and I’m no longer getting nausea from eating larger portions. The dizziness I was feeling before has also subsided and I find I’m able to do a bit more every day without needing to sit down afterwards. I’m actually going to begin looking into some pregnancy yoga. Partly to help my fitness and partly to help prepare me for the birth. I figure the more flexible I am the better.

Most importantly, I’m feeling good thanks to my 20 week scan. Before going in, I hadn’t even realised the depth that they go to with regards to checking the health of the baby during this scan. Every inch of them is looked over and measured and it brought me so much reassurance that I didn’t even know I needed. The sonographer confirmed with me that baby is looking very healthy and happy and in that moment I felt myself shift to a whole new level of excitement and anticipation.

How’s the bump?

The bump has well and truly popped! Whilst before it could easily be mistaken for a bit of extra chub, it is now really taking shape and feeling a lot more solid too. The bigger it gets the more I feel pregnant, if that makes sense. I think it just confirms to me that there is a baby growing in there.

Although I’m not feeling any big movements just yet, I am getting a lot of little twitches around my stomach. I’m sorry to overshare, but I often can’t tell whether it’s the baby or just some trapped wind. Lovely!

As first time parents we’ve been very tentative when feeling around for any little kicks that baby might be doing. I had to laugh then when the sonographer had to push incredibly hard in order to get a good view of baby who was happily snuggled in the placenta. It just shows that they are such sturdy little things.

What have I prepared for the baby so far?

Since my last update we haven’t actually purchased anything else for the baby. Other than the expensive items like the travel system, we’re happy to wait a couple more months to pick up most of the things we need. We have been adding to our baby wish list though.

Back in March our close friends had their first baby. Of course, we’ve asked them a thousand questions. One of them being, what is actually essential? You see so much hype around so many different baby gadgets. From eggs that tell you if the room temperature is safe to cots that rock your baby back to sleep. We needed some guidance on what is actually important. Their one answer was grow bags; the little sleeping bag that saves you worrying about loose sheets and makes night time nappy changes far easier. We added them to our list straight away!

My recommendations for other Mum’s-to-be.

Relax into this stage and enjoy it if you can. Every pregnancy is different and you might find that you are still struggling with nausea and discomfort on a daily basis. I’m so sorry if that’s the case. If you are lucky enough to be past that, take this time to relax and think about all of the wonderful things to come. At 20 weeks you are already half way through the pregnancy and if, like me, it feels like it’s flying by you’ll want to try and slow down a bit and just be present with everything that’s happening.

If you have a partner that is on this journey with you this is also a great time to be together, just the two of you. Have date nights. Enjoy being able to watch a whole movie in peace. Sit and enjoy a long meal filled with all of your favourite foods without disruption. Drink tea together while it’s still warm! The friends who I mentioned earlier, who have just had their first baby. They also haven’t been able to finish a cup of tea since she arrived. These moments are tiny, but they’ll change completely when our families grow. Every moment will be worth it of course.


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  1. I was laid back and did not purchase any thing until I was 30 weeks but was adding it to my long list of to-be-puchased. Good luck with you pregnancy.

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      The list just keeps growing and growing! Thank you so much 🙂

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