5 Top Smart Home Gadgets

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These days there’s “an app for everything.” With the trend in advancing technologies having a mobile base, it’s no surprise that people’s houses are now being turned into smart homes. Through devices and mobile apps, it’s now possible to have a smart home that’s totally interconnected and can be accessed remotely. 

Regular household activities can be automated, from temperature regulation to turning on and off your washing machine. Although smart home gadgets can be expensive, they have practical advantages

One of the major benefits of these devices is that they provide data in real-time. This information can notify you of issues and emergencies that you might not detect. They can also advise you on actions to save energy and costs. 

With a rapid influx of smart technology into the home market, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are five smart home devices that are sure to add value to your home life. 

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Smart surveillance cameras

Gone are the days of fuzzy footage that make it impossible to identify potential intruders. Smart surveillance cameras can record and display live in 4k or ultra-high definition. 

Some premium options come with night vision, zoom, and mobility features. Others are linked to emergency service contacts, and they can be notified with the click of a button. Most smart surveillance devices can be linked to the cloud, meaning you can store large quantities of footage should you need to.

Smart lighting

Light bulbs inside your home can now be controlled by a mobile app. Using a smart device, you can determine the brightness and temperature of the lighting to ensure you set the right mood. 

Although they are more expensive than regular bulbs, smart bulbs are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. Smart lighting has a security benefit, too, as you can switch on and off lights while you are away, giving the impression that someone is home. 

Smart cooking appliances

There is a wide range of smart cooking appliances on the market. Even the most simple devices have been upgraded with advanced technology. 

Being able to brew your morning coffee by voice command while you’re still in bed, or using a digital screen to decide your ideal level of toasting for your bread are luxuries. However, they are devices you can live without. 

Smart technology-enabled cookers, induction hobs, and blenders can give you real-time information on how to make perfectly cooked meals every time. 

Smart alarms and sensors

A smart home sensor is a great example of how smart technology can be subtle. These wireless devices have multiple features, including motion detection, temperature gauges, noise monitoring, and an alarm. Without the use of cameras, these are a great way to improve the security of your home.

Smart device control hub

If you’re taking steps to automate your home through smart devices, it’s important to consider using a control hub to oversee all devices. This makes managing the devices a lot easier. 

Again, there are various levels of technology you can use for this. The most important factor is that the control hub you’re using is compatible with all of your devices. 


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