Going Pro: Growing and Marketing Your Blog

So you’ve started your blog. What next? If you want to be able to grow your blog, increase the potential to earn from it, and even help to launch side projects from it, then you need to be taking the right steps, in order to do just that. With a few little-known secrets, you can transform your blog from being a newbie on the blogging scene, to becoming professional. So where do you start? Here are some steps to help you to get the growth of your blog started. 



Make Your Site Easy to Use

To start with, you need to make sure that your website is clear to navigate asn easy to use. If someone finds your site from a Google search, but lands on the page in question and it is messy, unclear, and not mobile-friendly, then it can lead to people just clicking off the page. To grow your blog, you need to have your site visitors quickly and to easily understand what your blog is all about. If it isn’t clear right from the start, then you definitely need to rethink the layout.

Optimise Your Content For Search Engines

In order to get found online through search engines, you need to do some legwork. You can’t just sit back, especially if you want to grow your blog and to do so in a timely manner. If you are a food blogger, for example, you will want someone to search for something related to food and recipes online, and then your blog will come up in the search. 

One quick thing that you can do on all of your posts is to optimise your meta title and the meta description of each blog post. This is where you have the space to add in some important keywords that show what the post is all about. There are SE plugins that can help with this, or you could outsource to a company like https://herdl.com/seo/ to help you with it. You should also think about the titles that your posts have, making sure that keywords are in those as well. For example, if you are writing a recipe with chicken in, for instance, instead of writing your title  as ‘dinner recipe,’ you should write ‘quick and easy chicken dinner recipe’ instead. You should be as specific as possible. 

Build Your Subscribers

If you are keen to build your blog and perhaps launch into other aspects of making money online, such as writing and selling a book or opening up an online store, then you need to have a strong email marketing list. Through your list, you will be able to build powerful connections and then market your work with people that are interested in it.

How do you get subscribers, though? First of all, having a good platform to email subscribers from is a good idea, such as https://mailchimp.com/. Then you need to have an opt-in form in a variety of places around the site. Making the form impossible to ignore can help you to get people to sign up. Plus, if you’re able to offer them something in exchange, like an exclusive discount code or a free recipe (for a food blog, again), then it makes it much more likely that people will sign up.


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