Summer Wedding Ideas For The Perfect Day

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With summer almost here, it’s prime wedding season, with thousands of couples ready and waiting to tie the knot. 2020’s calendar is set to be even more frantic than ordinary years, thanks to the pent-up demand caused by the pandemic. Summer weddings are the ones everyone remembers. There’s nothing like the sunshine, warm weather, and long evenings to cement your big day in the minds of your guests.

With that said, you don’t want to rely on the weather alone to secure your wedding in the annals of history. Here are some summer wedding ideas that rock. 


Create A Floral Chandelier

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If you really want to create an impression at the dining table, create a floral chandelier. The summer is the perfect time for flowers because so many of them are in season. Just pick a late-bloomer that matches your wedding theme and get your florist to arrange it for you. The vast majority are set up to provide hanging flowers. 

These “chandeliers” look great hanging over your wedding breakfast tables. 

Use Floral Palettes For Your Crockery

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If hanging flower chandeliers are out of the question, you can incorporate flowers on your crockery. Skip the usual plain white plates and bowls and give your guests something different from the norm. 

Serve Seasonal Food

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The summer is one of the best times for serving seasonal food because you can grow many foods locally. 

Ask your catering company about their policy on things like seasonal greens and berries. Find out who their suppliers are and ask them to include local ingredients where possible. Then, once you’ve finalized the food, print the words “local” and “seasonal” whenever you can on your menus. That’ll please your guests no end!

Add Fresh Fruit To Everything

Summer and fresh fruit go together. June is the month for strawberries. Following that come blackcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, loganberries, pears, and apples. If you live in a tropical area, citrus trees also fruit at this time of year. 

Be sure to add fresh fruit to everything you can. You can use it as both a decoration and a way to encourage your guests to eat healthily for the day!

Install A Photo Booth

The fine weather in the summer makes it the perfect time of year to make use of photo booths. Here, your guests can pop inside for a quick snap before helping themselves to more canapés. 

Decorate Your Wedding Cake

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If you’ve got a multi-tiered wedding cake, the summer provides plenty of opportunities to decorate it. Ideally, you want to find decorative, non-toxic plants, currently in bloom. Herbs are your best bet here because they are safe and impart a beautiful aroma for the rest of your venue

Make Ample Use Of Edible Flowers

Did you know that edible flowers are a thing? It turns out that they are, and they always make an appearance at the hippest weddings. You can sprinkle them on your main courses, salads, and even your cake if you’re feeling brave. Who’s stopping you? 

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