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Craft Ideas for a New Nursery

Crafting has always been a big love of mine, but for the last couple of years work and life have taken over and it’s been left on the side. With life slowing down recently, I’ve found myself confined to my bed or the sofa for much of Spring and my first trimester. It’s given me a wonderful opportunity to dust off my art supplies and wool collection. Baby number one is on the way and we’re well on our way to preparing their future bedroom. Once the painting is complete, all it will need is a few finishing touches. Here are some craft ideas for a new nursery.

A Crochet Blanket for the Cot

Around my early twenties I got really into crochet. It was partly because of the hype around it at the time and partly, I can’t lie, to distract me from all the uni work I had to do. Making a blanket is far more fun. I also find it quite easy to do and very therapeutic. I can be a bit impatient, so watching a crochet project come together quickly makes me really happy.

Whilst clearing out our hall cupboard to make space for the baby I cam across my wool stash. Amongst all of the assorted colours was a half finished project; a grey snood. Instead of throwing it away I made the decision to frog (unravel) and re-purpose it instead. The wool I had used was really soft and it is the perfect amount for a small blanket. We’re going for a very fresh and simple colour scheme, so the grey will sit nicely over the natural wood of the cot and add a new texture to the space too. I found a free pattern here which is very similar to the one I used.

An Origami Mobile

Having spent some time looking on Pinterest and different home stores for nursery decor, I’ve realised that there are common themes everyone. Woodland animals are very popular, as are dinosaurs. Although many of the items are very nice, I’m looking for an idea that is a little different. Something which would appeal to my love of crafting and also create a sentimental decoration for our first baby.

As part of my gift for our paper anniversary this year my husband bought me an origami book and some decorative paper. Whilst having a think about what I might want to make with them, it occurred to me that a mobile for the nursery would be perfect. There are some beautiful patterns in the book. The stars in particular caught my attention and I think they will go perfectly in the space.

I’ve never done origami before so I think I’ll do some YouTube searching for some inspiration as well as using the book. You can find lots of different styles of origami paper on Amazon and the internet is full of free patterns. These paper boats would be really sweet in a little one’s room.

A Baby Scrapbook

The final craft I am going to be spending time on is a baby scrapbook. I’m the sort of person that has fifty notebooks and scrapbooks dotted around the house with nothing in them. I’m also, like many of us, terrible at printing off the plethora of photos which I have stored on my phone. Being a child of the 90s, my parents have so many photo albums and home videos of me when I was little. I’m just so grateful to be able to look back over those now that I’m adult.

I want the very same for my own kids, so a baby scrapbook just seems like the perfect solution. My thinking is, if I begin before the baby is born, I’m far more likely to be able to keep it going as they grow. I love the look of this simple book on Amazon which ties with a ribbon. Its minimal design will let me add my own touches to it, making it more personal. I’ve also ordered some corner stickers so that I don’t have to mess around with a glue stick.

Of course, the first addition will be my 12 week ultrasound photo, which seems like just yesterday. Sorry to sound like my Grandma, but time is absolutely flying by. When I first got pregnant 40 weeks seemed like a huge amount of time, but I’m coming up to the half way point already. Someone pause the clock for me please!


I hope that my craft ideas for a new nursery have given you some inspiration. Just remember that crafts should be fun and relaxing. You’re not aiming to create something perfect. Enjoyment is the goal here. If you end up with something beautiful and sentimental that you hold on to for many years to come, even better!


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