celebrating an anniversary at home

Celebrating An Anniversary at Home

Last week my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It’s crazy to think that a whole year has passed since our big day. Had things been normal in the world we probably would have made some plans to go away. Maybe for our holiday in the sun or a special city break to somewhere like Paris. Even if we’d been at home this weekend a special dinner out to a French restaurant local to us would definitely have been on the cards. Instead we stayed in the house. I thought I would share some ideas on celebrating an anniversary at home, in case you are looking for some inspiration for your own celebration.

Swap sentimental gifts

I really wanted the gift I gave to Mike to be sentimental, but it also had to be easy to source as the shops were a no go. Traditionally the gift given on the first wedding anniversary is paper. Why? I honestly have no idea. I did some reading on the subject, which I spoke about in this post, but there doesn’t seem to be one clear reason.

Anyway, with both of us having a love for buildings I thought that something related to our venue would work well. We got married in the beautiful Liverpool Town Hall. A print of the floor plan therefore seemed like the perfect choice. I was able to source one online and have it printed and posted straight to me. It’s a beautiful black and white print and shows all of the rooms that were important on our wedding day. Not only does it bring back nice memories; in the future we will be able to walk our children through the space, from room to room.

To add a little something extra, I also wanted to bring photographs into the day in some way. Often gift giving, no matter how special, is quite a quick thing. My thought was that printing lots of photos would give us something to sit and enjoy for a while. I chose to use Snapfish to do this as they were really affordable and the service was fast. They often have great offers on too. When I signed up I managed to get 20 photos for free. (Ad – this is an affiliate link and I earn a small amount of commission for each click, at no extra cost to you)

As my resources were limited, I decided simply to hang the photos on a string across the room, pegged up using these, with little notes about each memory. Simple moments like “our first meal in Italy” for example. It went down a treat and we spent over an hour reminiscing about our honeymoon and other special moments from the past year.

Enjoy a special meal

Mike is the cook in our house and oh my goodness did he come through for our anniversary dinner. Our honeymoon in Italy left us dreaming of sex course meals and beautiful fresh pasta, so Mike recreated the experience and we spent a long time enjoying each course. We listened to chilled music and pretended we were back in Sorrento. I even had a couple of glasses of Nosecco…the closest thing I could have to a glass of rose.

We had some anti-pasti to begin with in the late afternoon while sitting outside. That was followed by some bruschetta al pomodoro and then a lovely bowl gnocchi al ragu. For our fish course Mike made scallops with black pudding which was absolutely beautiful. Our intentions were then to have a cheese course followed by tiramisu, however we skipped straight to dessert as I was almost ready for bed by this point. Cheese was enjoyed the next day instead!

Enjoying food that brings back good memories, especially if you’re a big food lover, can be a great way to make a celebration that bit more special. The food doesn’t need to be fancy, just significant to you. Maybe you had your first date at a pizza place which is local to you, or the first meal you made together was scrambled eggs on toast. It’s about the experience and the enjoyment of it all.

Switch off from the outside world

Two of the greatest things you can give a loved one is your time and your attention. Putting phones away and just talking may seem very basic but it’s so rarely done nowadays, in our house anyway. Take inspiration from the meal planning and spend your day doing something that is significant to you as a couple.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a beach close by, perfect for a walk at sunset. Or maybe you just want to spend the day in bed blissfully unaware of the rest of the world. For us, a day in the garden talking and relaxing was the perfect solution. At four months pregnant, lying down is my favourite thing to do right now. Keeping things simple, we turned our wedding day playlist, ate some crisps and just watched the world go by. It was all we needed.


Whatever you do, make it about each other. Spend the time talking and listening. About important things and about nonsense. The closeness you find in this will show you that your location has nothing to do with making an anniversary, or any other celebration, special. Who knows, you might find that you choose to spend many more anniversaries at home in the future too.


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