Don’t Be ‘That’ Startup Firm


Startups are becoming more and more popular, but they are also known to have a reputation for being ephemeral. Of course, that’s no great criticism, because a startup in its very nature is a relatively bare-bones entity trying to develop a product or service of worth, and so they can be forgiven for having less than a 100% success rate in general.

That being said, some startups can seem to use this shroud of ‘benefit of the doubt’ to hinder development in key areas, and in adhering to the expectations firms have of them. If a startup is willing to charge money in exchange for a good or service, there are certain parameters they will be expected to meet.

So, how can you avoid this fate, and avoid acting as one of those startups? It’s worth asking these questions because the answers aren’t necessarily so obvious. Thankfully, we have decided to bring forth three tid-bits of worthwhile advice to help you step over those potential hazards and obstacles you may barge into without intent.

Please, consider:


Organise Your Correspondence

Organising your correspondence is one of the first things to perfect, because it absolutely denotes how your professionalism is viewed. Ensuring that you have a virtual business address can aid you in accepting secure communications, with virtual mailbox and mail forwarding options. Not only that, but ensuring that your email signatures are uniform among your staff, that you keep to a written structure that makes use of brevity, and that you are professional at all times will help you begin acting bigger than your boots. After all, if you’re not too big for your boots now, how do you ever hope to own larger ones?

Provide Clear Data Handling Measures

It’s essential that you respect the financial and privacy rights of your customers. This means that utilising valid and integrated payment processors, as well as giving a clear and consistent policy regarding how you handle information, what terms are included with the creation of an account on your website, and what terms a purchase implies. When you can make this absolutely clear, those who wish to dig deeper are more than able to. Even if no one wishes to, your legal need to provide this documentation remains.

Work For The Clients You Gain

Work for the clients you gain as a startup. Don’t expect your ethical message to turn heads as a matter of principle, or for clients to trust you with bulk orders just yet. Simply do your best to fulfill your promises as well as you can. It’s best if you underpromise and overdeliver each and every time. You will quickly gain a reputation that way, and make use of the best marketing you can ever receive – word of mouth. That in itself is sure to grant you a renewed sense of balance as you move from strength to strength.


With this advice, we hope you can avoid becoming ‘that’ startup firm, and instead define yourself as appropriate.

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