Simple Health Habits That Can Go A Long Way

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Staying health is more than just hitting the gym, or running in the local park four times a week. To have a healthy body you need to have a healthy mind, and to have a healthy mind, you need to take care of your body. Some may suggest that spiritual health is a fundamental consideration involved with the blossoming of anyone’s personal health, and we would not contest that point either.

It is true that everyone’s needs are different, while still conforming to the grander wisdom that belies the best personal health maintenance. So, how can you merge both your personal requirements and larger health insight to ensure you’re taking care of yourself? After all, if you fail to take care of yourself, you will often fail to take care of other people in your life. Additionally, our bodies are the only vessel we have to experience the world around us, and so it’s worth making sure it’s in good shape, as if you were carefully maintaining a very complex vehicle.

To that extend, we have curated some of the following loving advice:


Understand Your Ailments

There’s a strong balance to be achieved between total hypochondria and complete ignorance. A healthy interest in why you might be struggling to move your rotator cuff in the gym (perhaps sourced from a past injury in childhood) or what foods you feel unable to consume and digest effectively, the more you can inspect, research and make adjustments to your own physical maintenance can be important. It also allows us to stop making guesses and focus on real restorative habits. Of course, visiting a medical professional and maybe a specialist should be your first stop, but from there you can begin to see how certain lifestyle factors may be hindering this self-care approach. Additionally, worthwhile medications to aid you, such as Daktarin Oral Gel, can help you overcome short-term issues to better curate your confidence. A little health maintenance goes a long way.


Clear & Maintain Your Mind

It’s also essential to ensure you can clear and maintain your mind from time to time. Prolonged stress can leave us feeling out of sorts and unhappy, and this effect can only get worse if we ignore it. Large amounts of sustained cortisol in our system can also shred our happiness, weaken our immune system, and leave us feeling exhausted.

For this reason, it’s very important to tend to your mind as you would any other function in your body. Perhaps it’s even more important than that. We would recommend that you schedule your time so that you have some free every day, even if that means thirty minutes of reading in the evening after a busy day. Mindfulness or transcendental meditation can give you particular comfort in increasing your concentration, focus, mental resilience, and also lowering your stress levels. 

Additionally, physical exercise, making use of routine, and getting a reliable eight hours of regularly-scheduled sleep can aid you in more ways than one. The more you approximate this kind of approach, the better you can feel and sustain yourself in the long run. You can bet that the person you will be ten years from now will feel thoroughly more healthy compared to the version of you that neglects these self-care methods. 


Craft Certain Lifestyle Priorities

None of us can stretch the days to last longer than 24 hours, and so if our time is limited, that shows we need to focus on the priorities that are important to us. While many of the people reading this will be extremely busy, perhaps trying to balance a career and a family, even they can strike a balance with care and optimism.

It’s all about trying to find what matters to you in life. Two or three big priorities and one or two small hobbies are often the most we can manage with our time, and if you have more you can fit in, that’s all the better. This is why it’s important to focus on the responsibilities and duties that you really care about, because this keeps us guided. Oh yes, purpose in life is an essential part of our health maintenance, because purpose keeps us disciplined and willing to move forward.

Additionally, lifestyle priorities can be routine-friendly habits that help you grow and become your best self. Perhaps you enjoy running four times a week thanks to how it clears your head before work, and seems to keep you from gaining an undue amount of weight. Perhaps you’re starting to enjoy Yoga after attending a class with a friend, and wonder just how skilled, flexible and strong you can become. It’s easy to see those who need a certain ‘something’ in their life to get involved with, and so we should treat ourselves the same way. To use an example, it’s common to see ex-addicts, fighting against the sins of the past by using their addictive personalities in pursuit of a positive goal. Ex-addicts often become painters, or craftsmen, or get involved in a job that guides them through life. This is a testament to how health-and-life affirming a pursuit can be. The best part? You can learn this without having to go through the addiction.


Develop Optimism

Optimism is more than just ‘glass half full’ thinking. It is intrinsically tied to hope, which is an essential function of being able to operate well in the world. This may not seem so, but it’s the truth. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to leave your front door each morning unless you felt the day would be worth it, or constructive in some way, or at least ‘not terrible.’ You wouldn’t be able to function without that baseline level of hope and wish to actualize potential.

This means that optimism can help you stay resilient even in the tough times. Dr. Viktor E Frankl, a famous psychotherapist known for his theories on ‘logotherapy,’ that is meaning-based purpose as a means to helps us stay strong in a world we cannot predict, had a few words to say about this. He once stated ‘Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.’ 

This, to some people, may seem like a simple platitude if it wasn’t for the intensive fact that Viktor E Frankl managed to survive some of the harshest concentration camps under Nazi Germany’s tyrannical and hateful rule. He found that those around him, those who managed to make it through those horrors, were commonly those that refused to give up hope. In his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, he mentions in detail how the loss of hope can often spell the end for anyone, especially under such pressured and terrible living conditions.

To that end, hope, optimism and the willingness to try again is not only a nice thing to think about, but absolutely fundamental to our health. For that reason, we’d recommend inspecting and adjusting your mindset to make use of thiis fact.


Find Your Faith

Faith is a strong element of health maintenance for some people, no matter their beliefs. Perhaps you wish to praise the God you believe in, and reflect on the scriptures of your faith. Yet even those with secular beliefs can make use of meditation, and introspection, and benefit from quiet time away from the distractions of the world. Even if it means reviewing your day and hoping to improve again tomorrow, the more you can focus on this artful, reflective state of mind, the better.

For some, drawing strength from a deity or visiting Church each week can help them function more appropriately for the next seven days. Much like optimism, faith can help us stay strong, count our blessings, and never take things for granted. That in itself can do plenty to adjust your emotional and mental health for the better.


With this advice, we hope you can curate the best simple health habits that are both holistic and rational in approach.

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