16 week pregnancy update

16 Week Pregnancy Update

Since the day I have found out I was pregnant I have been engrossed in pregnancy updates from other bloggers. The only trouble is, most people don’t share them very regularly. To help anyone else who might be on the hunt for some relatable reading I thought I would begin sharing my progress with you once a month. Today I’m sharing my 16 week pregnancy update. If there is anything in particular you would like me to add, make sure to let me in know in the comments!

At the beginning of May I told you all about my first trimester of pregnancy and experiences so far. Much of my time during those first twelve weeks was spent feeling nervous about what was to come. I’m pleased to say I’m feeling a lot more settled now and even have a couple of recommendations for other mum’s to be.

How am I feeling?

Better. I do definitely feel better than I did in my first trimester. The exhaustion and nausea haven’t gone away fully though. All of the guidance and articles that I have read have told me that the second trimester is a breeze and like night and day compared to the challenges of the first. The reality is that whilst I feel good for most of the day there are still challenges.

Personally, I find myself completely drained each day by around 5pm. Thankfully eating dinner helps a little, but then this is followed by a wave of nausea from a full stomach. With so much growth and movement going on in my abdomen it’s no wonder really. Dizziness is also something I’ve had to watch for. If I don’t eat enough throughout the day or try to do too much I can feel wobbly on my feet. This is, again, down to the growth of baby and is completely normal.

Please know that I don’t want to bring anyone any worry with this about to expect. I’m just a little tired of people saying to me “oh you’ll feel much better now that the first trimester is out the way”. Everyone jumps to conclusions, but every pregnancy is different. It is OK if your symptoms don’t match the “normal”. If you are ever worried about anything you can always reach out to your midwife for support. Just smile and nod at everyone else.

How’s the bump?

The bump has arrived! After several weeks of feeling as though I had maybe just eaten too much for dinner my bump popped out all of a sudden just this week. I’ve mostly been living in comfy clothes so hadn’t really noticed much of a difference. Then on Monday, for Mike and I’s anniversary, I wore a summer dress and there was no hiding it.

I honestly had no idea how I would feel about having a bump but I’m pleased to say it makes me so happy. We found out about the pregnancy almost three full months ago now, so to finally have that visible confirmation that there is a baby growing in there is wonderful.

It does also mean that leaning forward is a little more challenging. As is rolling over. My acrobatic skills have never been strong, but I’m getting used to my new shape and coming up with some creative ways to move. A lot of “1,2,3, go” and assistance from Mike definitely helps. Ballerina I am not.

What have I prepared for the baby so far?

Over the last couple of weeks we have placed our focus on the baby’s future bedroom. I mentioned here that for the last three years it has essentially been our storage space. After a fair bit of organising, wallpaper stripping and preparation it is starting to come together. All going well we’ll be able to paint next week!

We also made the decision to purchase our travel system. It can be difficult to know when to begin shopping for a baby and many people will tell you not to start too soon. One piece of advice that I have received over and over however, is that having a baby can be really expensive. With that in mind, we thought that making one of our bigger purchases early on would be sensible. There was even a sale on the system we chose, so we’ve saved a bit of money as well as spreading the cost.

My recommendations for other Mum’s-to-be.

As I am still in the first half of pregnancy I don’t have too many recommendations just yet. One book definitely stands out as great preparation for the coming months however. The Positive Birth Book is a wonderful read. Especially for anyone who doesn’t quite have too much knowledge or confidence in what’s ahead of them. So many women talk about birth plans being a load of rubbish as “whatever happens happens”. I’m so glad to have read this book and have my eyes opened to everything that is available during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Most importantly, I now know how much control and strength I have. Once you’re done reading, give it to your partner to read too!

My second recommendation, based on my own experience; eat little and often. Whether you feel like it or not, having something in your stomach will always help you to feel better. Try and keep things balanced and relatively healthy, but don’t worry if some days all you want to have is crisps. I’ve been there.


If you are pregnant, I hope your experience has been a good one so far. Of course you want to do your best to enjoy it, but sometimes having a good moan about how uncomfortable you are is all that makes you feel better. Be grumpy, be happy, eat, sleep. Do whatever it is that brings you joy as you grow this whole new person. Currently I am snuggled in an armchair eating yet another slice of banana bread and staring out into the sunny garden. It’s bliss!


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  1. Doing a pregnancy update is a great idea, it’s lovely to look back on. My first blog was published in 2003 and I was trying to conceive with my new partner. It took two years to get pregnant but I recorded everything and every step of the birth. The blog is no longer live but I have saved some pages that still make me feel emotional when I read them. My girl will be 15 this year. I also have a blog on blogspot.com called babyno5…I started it at 34 weeks pregnant with my last baby who will be 10 this year. (In case you are wondering…I had two children from a previous marriage who were already teens before my final three children arrived.)
    Anyway, enough about me, lol. I’m glad you are doing so well, I think a lot of people believe pregnancy is easy, but it often isn’t. Especially the first time. It’s such a lovely time when the bump starts appearing though, then it’s the little kicks and baby movements. Oh so much to look forward too. x

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I’m so pleased you get so much joy out of those blog posts Anne! I was worried that it was a bit silly to write an update every month and that people might find it boring, but then we don’t always write for others do we? I know I’ll be so grateful to look back on these years to come now, thank you 🙂

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