my silver linings during lockdown

My Silver Linings During Lockdown

My blog is very much a realistic reflection of the sunshine and the rain I experience in life. This pandemic hasn’t been easy for any of us. We are all experiencing our own challenges right now. In this moment however, I believe that focusing on the positives, no matter how small, will help me to cope with this situation best. I’ve been tagged by Rebecca from beccablogsitout to share my silver linings during lockdown. Hopefully this post helps you to find some of your own and lifts your spirits a little too!

Getting through the long home to do list

One thing that myself and my husband have certainly been gifted with is time. While we are both still working, he far more than I, our evenings and weekends are quiet. We have managed to spend some time tidying the garden during thanks to this glorious weather we’ve been having, but our attention has mostly been focused inside. We have had plans to finish decorating the house for a while now and with a baby on the way, this is the perfect opportunity.

Starting with the soon to be baby’s room last weekend, we’ve done a whole load of prep work so far. Several layers of paint and paper have come off the walls and we’ve been sanding and skimming to get them ready for painting. Some of the decorating and most of the finishing touches will have to wait until after lockdown as shops are closed. That just means that the hard work will be out of the way and I get to focus on enjoying choosing soft furnishings and accessories when I’m…a little larger.

Hiding away during my first trimester

This silver lining is very specific to my personal circumstance. We found out I was pregnant at the beginning of March and lockdown began just three weeks later. As such, I have spent the majority of my first trimester at home and it might surprise you to hear that it has been wonderful. Yes I miss my loved ones and of course I wanted to hug my Mum and Dad when I told them I was pregnant. In every other way however, I have loved it.

As most pregnant women do, I had some very uncomfortable symptoms during my first 12 weeks. Sickness, constant fatigue and sore boobs to name a few. TMI? Most of the time I just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep and that is exactly what I’ve been able to do. No cancelling plans and no hiding our secret from the world. Just a relaxed time, comfortable in my own home.

More focused time with my husband

When we are not keeping ourselves busy with decorating, or in my case sleeping, we relax. Often life becomes so busy that quiet time where we really focus on one another becomes rare. Of course we love every moment that we spend with friends and family and miss it greatly now. When you’re lucky enough to have a busy social life however, those quiet weekends free of plans suddenly become a luxury.

Well now we have an abundance of them and I hope to look back on this time and say we made the most of them. We’ve spent afternoons lying on a blanket in the garden reading. There have been evenings enjoying a movie with snacks and the fire crackling in the background. Sometimes we just sit and talk nonsense. It is never anything fancy, but it’s our time. A gift I know we will soon be without when baby arrives. I really want to do my best to enjoy every moment of it.

Supporting small local businesses

One of the many concerning side effects of this lockdown has been the impact on small businesses. With restaurants having to close for safety reasons, many of them are struggling to make it through this time. We have our own local favourites and were concerned that they might not survive.

Thankfully they have been resourceful and started offering takeaway orders as an option. Of course, we have been happy to oblige! One business in particular, a small tapas place just round the corner, has had a lot of business from ourselves and friends who live nearby. The food is authentic and the owner is an incredibly kind and genuine person. If I have to feed this baby tortilla, croquettas, gambas and patatas bravas several more times in the coming months to help the business out, I will gladly do so.

So much more facetime with friends and family

Never before have I seen so much of my friends’ and family’s faces. Not quite so zoomed in anyway. I think that facetime has become the norm for every family who is lucky enough to have access to it and what a saviour it is. While a phone call is great for a catch up, being able to actually see someone’s face makes it feel every so slightly more like you’re in the room with them.

I’ve spent Tuesday evenings chatting to my best mates and Saturday nights on group quizzes, jealous of the wine that most people are enjoying. I’ve even announced my pregnancy to my loved ones over facetime. Being able to see their reactions was incredible and it allowed me to have one to one time with everyone important to me, within just 48 hours. If I had seen them in person, it would have taken me weeks. This is one silver lining that I am just so incredibly grateful for!


What is getting you through these challenging weeks? I hope you’re able to find something positive that works for you. We’ll be through this bizarre stage and reunited with our families soon. I can’t wait for that day!

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