sunday comforts in april 2020

Sunday Comforts – Family Facetime

I’m a creature of comfort. Blankets, jumpers, soft PJs, a good cuppa; I love them all. I’m also very fortunate to work from home and so Sunday’s for me have become a favourite. The day is normally filled with family and food. The evenings are a chance to relax and look forward to a brand new week ahead. It can be so therapeutic, especially on bad days, to take a moment to reflect on the small things in life that make you smile. These are my Sunday comforts in April 2020.


Sunday Comforts in April 2020 – Family Facetime

As I type this we’re in the middle of a lockdown. The world as a whole is experiencing a challenging few months, full of fear and worry. At this time, when we all feel isolated, there is nothing that brings me more comfort than speaking to my family. Normally we see each other every Sunday. Four weeks into being apart and I have to admit that I’m struggling. You don’t realise how important a simple coffee or a roast dinner together is until it’s no longer possible.

Thankfully, technology exists and it is really helping us all. Whether my mum and I jump on the phone for a five minute catch up or the whole team of parents, siblings and in-laws gets together from across the UK, the virtual time we have together makes everything easier. It may not be Sunday lunch, but it does allow us to recover some form of normality for an hour or two each week.

My friends and I have been doing the same thing, even laughing when we have to say “oh sorry I can’t make it on Tuesday night, I’ve already got plans”. Who’d have thought we’d find ourselves with a busy social calendar when we can’t go out?! In a few days time I have a quiz planned with friends and I’m looking forward to it so much. An hour or so of daft questions will distract us from the reality around us and let us feel like we’re back in the pub together.

Yes this time is difficult and we all miss our loved ones immensely, but one day soon it will all be over. What do you think you will do first when that day arrives? For me, I’ll be driving straight to see my family.


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