Creating A Secret Garden With A Little Privacy

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There are plenty of gardening tips that can help you take care of your exterior throughout the coming months, making your garden a much more pleasant place to be. However, many people might feel a little self-conscious about spending too much time outside if just about anyone can look or listen in. To that end, we’re going to look at the ways you can offer your garden a little more privacy so you can enjoy it with your friends and family and without anyone peering in too much.

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Make use of water

If you don’t want people listening in on your conversations, then you might want to look seriously at installing a water feature in your garden, such as a water fountain from Haddonstone. Water has been known to have a great sound blocking quality for some time, with running water being even more effective, be it the white noise of a fountain or the light trickle of freshwater circulating in a pond. Aside from being great for the sake of your privacy, a water feature is also great for the value of the home, especially if it’s one of the smaller, lower maintenance types.

Lend yourself some shade

If you’re willing to get to work on something of a DIY project, then you might want to create an outdoor space for you and your family. You can look at services like patios from Ready Pave or install your own decking if you have less of a budget but more hands-on confidence. From there, you can create an isolated space that offers you and your family some space. For instance, you can use potted plants to cover the view of the social area, or hang some fabric drapes. You can install acoustic tiles on the fence of the deck to block sound.

Grow some privacy

Never underestimate the impact that a thick, solid tree or shrub can have in the garden. Creating a green wall around the exterior, especially using hardy and dense growths like the Thuja Occidentalis Brabant can make a huge difference. Not only is it much better at covering you visibly than a simple fence with its uniform gaps, but it also has a lot of sound-absorbing power, as well.

Think vertically

Of course, you may not have the space you need to plant a lot of shrubs and trees. But that doesn’t mean that you’re entirely cut off from the masking power than a green wall could offer. Instead, you can look at vertical gardening options, such as growing ivy up a trellis on the fence or hanging a series of plants around the perimeter of the garden. They can still offer some privacy, but they will also be better at letting the light still hit the garden, meaning it’s not overly dominated by the shade.


A combination of the options above is going to offer the best results, so look at your garden as it stands and see which make the most sense for you.

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