6 Ways To Create A Healthier Workplace



As a business owner, it’s important to protect the physical and mental health of your employees. Over the last few months, businesses have created new health and safety policies, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing protocol and improved hygiene practices are vital, as per the guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation. 

On a basic level, providing simple PPE such as gloves and masks to employees who choose to wear them offer an extra level of comfort and safety, making them feel more protected in their work space. There are an abundance of suppliers online, such as Unigloves, who offer everything you might need.

Of course, creating a healthier workspace goes beyond the issue of COVID-19. Health and wellbeing is something we should prioritize regardless. For a few general ideas to create a healthier workplace, consider these six.


Adopt an employee assistance program

An EAP is a scheme that can help employees with their well being. It works by providing an online platform and a counsellor to support staff with personal issues. Such issues could be related to work, relationships, family, health or finances. Whatever the issue is, EAP counsellors are trained to offer personalized support. Lifeworks provides an excellent employee assistance program. To find out more about the employee assistance programme check out the Lifeworks website.

Provide wellbeing tools

To support staff wellbeing further, there are many other resources that you can provide. Firstly, there are plenty of websites that offer mental health support, including Time To Change, Sane and The Mind Charity. Applications are also useful to promote mindfulness and self-care. Popular self-care apps include Pacifica and Headspace. Resources like these can really help to improve well being during the lockdown.

Decorate with plants

Using plants as decor will help to remove harmful toxins from the air in your office. The presence of plants is scientifically proven to boost endorphin levels and raise productivity in the workplace. You don’t have to go overboard, a few lovely plants are all you need!

Try air purifiers

Air purifiers are another great way to create a healthier workplace. An air purifier will filter your air, removing any dust, pollen, toxins and bacteria. A smart air purifier can also provide you with data about which toxins and bacteria are present.

New chairs

When your staff are sitting down all day, it’s important that they have the right chairs. If you don’t already have ergonomic chairs, it’s advisable to invest in some. Ergonomic chairs are the only kind that can properly support the natural curve of the spine. These chairs will ensure that your staff do not develop back or shoulder issues from long periods of sitting. If you’re currently working from home, consider investing in these when your staff return to the office.

Use under desk bikes

Exercise helps to improve our well being and our physical health. Of course, we often plan to go to the gym on our break, (but it doesn’t always happen)! Under desk bikes are the perfect solution to get a little exercise throughout the working day. Staff can pedal as they are working, without getting distracted. These bikes can aid circulation, boost your energy and help you to relax.

Lastly, if you are working remotely, ensure that you arrange regular social catch-ups with your team. Many employees may be feeling isolated during the lockdown and need a little extra support.

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