Five Simple Ways to Update Your Home without Spending a lot of Money

Five Simple Ways to Update Your Home without Spending a lot of Money

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As the freezing days of Winter begin to subside and Spring pops up around us I find myself wanting to spend time cleaning and redecorating my home. Although I would love to run straight to the shops and use my debit card as the solution, overhauling every area of my home, I want to be sensible with my spending as I make the changes. To help you do the same I’ve written five simple ways to update your home without spending a lot of money.


Matching soft furnishings

When we first bought our house we bought a gorgeous new grey sofa. We then covered it in different cushions which we had bought over the many years of our relationship. Some fun, some novelty, some from sentimental moments. We loved them at the time, but over the months I realised that our living room felt very mismatched and unfinished.

One afternoon we popped out to Ikea (one of my favourites for affordable home stuff). We picked up about £20 worth of cushion covers and throws in a mixture of grey and dark green in a couple of different styles. The minute I changed my sofa from mismatched to coordinated the entire room came together. It was such a simple and easy change, but the impact was fantastic. I definitely recommend trying this trick!

Rearrange furniture

I cannot tell you how many times I have been able to transform a room, simply by moving a few pieces of furniture around. Often when we spend a lot of time in a space we become very familiar with the layout, to the point of boredom. It can make us want to redecorate the room entirely but this isn’t always needed.

Try swapping the seating around in your living room for example, or changing the position of your television. This will literally give you a new perspective as you see the room from a new angle. With a bit of trial and error you’re sure to find a new layout that suits you perfectly. It’s amazing what a little bit of reorganisation can do!

Repaint items of furniture and accessories

Most of us have pieces of furniture or two dotted around the house that we’ve fallen out of love with. Although you may just want to throw them out, if they’re good quality and still in good condition you can refurbish them. A lick of paint or new fabric may be all that’s needed! Ronseal seem to have a great selection of furniture paint on Amazon and come highly recommended, but there are lots of different options available online. Make sure to pick up a good furniture paint brush too to get a good finish. (Ad – these links are affiliates and I earn a small amount of commission if you choose to use them, at no extra cost to you)

When myself and my husband decided to update our dark mahogany kitchen we quickly realised that an entirely new kitchen was going to be far too expensive for us. As an alternative, we painted the cabinet doors and changed the door handles. For a fraction of the price we were quoted, we completely changed the look of the entire room. This is something that can be done with many household items, big or small!

Touch up paintwork

If your house or garage is anything like mine, you have a small pile of paint pots hidden away in a corner somewhere from past decorating. It is inevitable that as we live in our home the paintwork becomes a bit worn and marks appear here and there. Have a look to see if you have any left over paint in the same colour. Touching up any marks will once again make a huge difference to your space and is of course free.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any leftover paint but can remember the colour that you used, a sample pot is the perfect solution. These are often very cheap and will give you the perfect amount of paint for small bits of maintenance.

Scent can make all the difference

The final, but often most effective way to brighten your home is to bring in some beautiful scents. Fresh flowers from a florist, the supermarket or even your own garden can bring bright spring colours in as well as a fresh smell. I’m fortunate to have a garden full of daffodils at this time of year and they really do bring my living room to life.

Candles are another easy way to brighten your home. Fresh cotton and jasmine scents are my favourite, both of which I purchase from the local supermarket for a few pounds. You don’t need to leave your house or spend any money of course. Even just opening all the windows to let the spring breeze in makes your home feel as though it is breathing once again and will blow away all of the cobwebs of winter.


Whilst I am a Christmas girl at heart, there is nothing that compares to the warmth and light that Springtime brings. For just a moment, open your window, close your eyes and listen to the birds.


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