top two websites for free fonts

Top 10 Websites for Free Fonts

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As a creative professional I am always on the hunt for beautiful fonts to use in my work. Whether I am completing a set of architectural drawings for a client or creating a print for my online shop, I need something that is going to fit the brief and look the part. In May of last year I got married and one of my favourite parts of the planning process was designing our invitations and other stationery for the big day.

After much deliberation I decided that I wanted something special, yet affordable to send to my guests. A striking font across the head of each piece in black and white was our style of choice and set the mood for our big day perfectly. Whilst our plans were big, our budget was not and so began the hunt for some free tools to help me with the design. My research took me to a lot of different resources and in the end I found some favourites which I still use now. Here are my top 10 websites for free fonts along with some great alternatives!


Top 10 Websites for Free Fonts


I’m placing Canva first as it is one of my favourite resources. With an extensive list of fonts, frames, stock photos and layouts to choose from, creating something eye-catching is incredibly easy to do. You can also upload your own photos too, making it ideal for things like thank you cards. I personally use Canva to create images for my blog. The tools are easy to get used to and of course, you can use the fonts for free!

Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator

Whilst you do need to pay for Adobe Photoshop, it is full of it’s own great selection of fonts which are free to us. Most often I use it for setting up architectural drawings for my freelance clients. It is also the platform I chose to use when creating my wedding stationery. Paired with Adobe Illustrator, it is a firm favourite of graphic designers and definitely one to consider if you are looking to begin a creative career.

Font Bundles

Another fantastic website which offers a variety of fonts in eclectic styles is Font Bundles. They have a great selection of fonts for free available alongside many others which require a small fee. You can navigate their collections using categories such as style and occasion, so whether you are looking for something romantic for your wedding stationery, or something more contemporary for a business logo, they are bound to have what you’re looking for.

Google Fonts

One of the most accessible places to find free fonts is Google Fonts. Another easy to use platform, they offer their fonts in 125 different languages, fantastic if you’re looking to create for friends and family in different countries. The fonts are also license free, meaning that you don’t need to worry about giving credit to the creator or use limitations.

Creative Market

Creative Market is another website which offers font bundles in a variety of styles from their huge catalogue of designers, offering a great alternative to Font Space. You can browse to find a font that suits your project and then download the package quickly and easily. You can also apply to be a designer on this site, brilliant if you are a creative yourself!

Da Font

If you are looking for a font in a particular style, Da Font might be the best choice for you. Unlike many other platforms which organise their fonts alphabetically, Da Font organise by genre. As someone who has spent far too much time scrolling to find what I’m looking for in the past, this simple tool is a breath of fresh air. Want something romantic and flowing for a wedding set? They’ll have them arranged for you. Need something a little more formal for a work piece? They’ve got you covered!

1001 Fonts

If you’re happy to leave behind the bells and whistles and use a simple interface, 1001 Fonts is for you. Contrary to what the name suggests, they actually have over 3000 fonts in their database. Many are free, others have to be paid for, but they have a “free fonts” button which allows you to navigate the options with ease. The download process is pretty easy too.


The creative portfolio of Ivan Fllipov, this website really stands out to me as something different from the norm. Fllipov has shared many of his own designs to be used as free designs by the public and they offer a style entirely different to many other options out there. Full of colour and form, these fonts would be perfect for a big celebration or fun gift. There is an option to make a donation in exchange for the font on his website, but this is not obligatory.


Over recent years Etsy has become a very popular marketplace to sell fonts, along with many other design tools. More and more designers are realising the opportunity they have with such sites to sell their own creations direct to the public. Although these are not free, you can often find a very good price on Etsy and are likely to be using a font design that few others have.

Hand Drawn

Of course if you are a creative person with good handwriting and a bit of patience, hand drawn lettering can be the most personal approach. All you need is a pen and paper and a bit of practice. Pinterest is a fantastic place to find inspiration for styles. You could even try printing off a few items that you love and then tracing them to create your own unique piece. Don’t worry if your work looks a little wobbly at first, these things do take time!


Whether you are a creative professional looking to expand your toolkit or a novice trying a project out for the very first time, these top 10 websites for free fonts are among the best resources out there for you to use. I find trial and error to be the best approach. Work through the list and find a website that suits your style.


top 10 websites for free fonts - pinterest
top 10 websites for free fonts – pinterest

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