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My Goals for December 2019

My Grandma has always told me that the older you get the faster time passes. I used to just nod and smile, but now I know exactly what she means! Nowadays, I find time flashing past me if I don’t take a moment to pause every now and then. It occurred to me that setting goals, perhaps on a monthly basis, would be a good way to keep track of what I’m doing and the things that I would like to achieve, especially when it comes to experiences for myself and with my family. With that in mind, here are my goals for December 2019.

Did I achieve my November goals?

Do my Christmas shopping – Although I’ve not totally finished my shopping for Christmas, I do have most things now! One more trip to the shops and I should be sorted. I might even try and do all of my wrapping this weekend, with a festive film and a hot chocolate, obviously.

Grow my stationery business – This is a strange one, which I might speak about in more detail at a later date. I haven’t grown my business in the past month. Instead, I’ve chosen to close it. A bitter sweet moment as it’s something I’ve been working hard on for a long time, but closing is the right decision. Change is good.

Eat a healthier diet – This has been a big success! My husband and I have made a big change to dinner time, eating mostly vegetarian meals and cutting down a lot on things like bread and pasta. Nothing has been removed completely, we’re just being more sensible.

Meditate every day – This one I have been terrible at, but I think I know why. I’ve been trying to do too much and it has just left my mind cluttered. Removing my stationery business from my daily work load should have a very positive effect and I think meditation is going to be a big part of December for me.

Spend more time reading – I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to do a lot more reading over the past 30 days. It hasn’t been a daily thing, but I’ve definitely been switching from the TV to a book more than usual. This is something else that I’m going to focus on more again in December.


My Goals for December 2019

Enjoy some festive activities

Christmas is my favourite time of year, but it normally disappears in a flash. A lot of shopping and planning for Christmas day takes place, but I don’t always make time for small things like having a mug of mulled wine and looking at the local lights, which are just that festive feeling if you ask me. We’ve planned a trip to the markets in Liverpool City Centre for this Friday, that should be the perfect start!

Continue to eat a healthier diet

Following the success of eating healthier last month, I really want to continue to focus on this goal in December. Don’t panic, all Christmas food will be enjoyed too! I don’t plan on denying myself all the good food that comes at this time of year, I feel like that would only push me backwards. Instead, I’m just going to make sure that the majority of my meals are good for me so that I can enjoy yule logs, minced pies and chocolate without the guilt.

Grow my confidence with cooking

This goal fits nicely with eating healthier. In my house my husband does all of the cooking. I can cook, a bit, but he tends to do it all as my confidence is terrible. This does mean however, that if he is ever away for the evening I always end up having something very easy (lazy, it’s lazy), such as an omelette or a pizza. The same often happens at lunch time too if there aren’t any leftovers in the fridge. To help me eat a healthier diet and contribute more to meal time, I’m going to start practising. Soup is a staple at home and perfect for this time of year, so it seems like a good place to start. If you have any favourite recipes, please share them in the comments!

Make the time to meditate every day

As you’ll see from November’s results, I wasn’t successful with this goal in November. Unfortunately other things in life took over. Having made some big changes though, meditation will become a daily practice for me now. I know it is hugely beneficial for me, so I would be crazy not to. I know many people set new goals in January, but I honestly think changes like this can be made at any time of the year. December included!

I’ll make sure to keep you updated with my progress!


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