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Frugal Gift Ideas for Christmas

With around four weeks to go until Christmas day, we are nearing what can often be the most expensive time of year. December is filled with excitement and it can be so wonderful to spoil our loved ones. The money spent on gifts alone at this time of year can really stretch our bank balance though. Here are a few frugal gift ideas for Christmas that may help to make the festive season a little more affordable.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a gifting option that is normally associated with offices and large groups of people, but myself and my family started doing this last year and think it’s a great way to buy presents for each other without spending a fortune. A month or two before Christmas we put all our names in a hat and draw one each. We set a budget of £50, so we can still buy something substantial whilst not going over board. This is also a great way to save the stress of figuring out a gift for lots of different people. It can be hard enough to think of something for each of the kids never mind the adults too!

The Black Friday Sales

Something else that I am going to be doing myself this year is shopping in the Black Friday sales. I won’t be tackling the shops though, I’ll be doing it all online! Having already decided what I’d like to buy everyone, I will be able to check each item in the sales and see if I can make a saving. There might be huge discounts on some items and nothing at all on others, but it is absolutely worth waiting to see what comes up. For anyone that may not already know, Black Friday is always the Friday after thanksgiving, which is November 29th this year. Amazon is always my first choice for online shopping.

Go Homemade

Of course, one of the most personal gifts you can give to a loved one is something homemade. This can also be a very frugal approach to gift, as long as you don’t go wild with your spending on supplies! Last week I wrote about creating prints and cards to gift loved ones. Baking a favourite sweet treat is also a great idea. You could even decorate a t-shirt or crochet a scarf if you’re good with your hands. Pinterest is always the best place to look for ideas for these sort of gifts. It is often filled with easy to follow tutorials.

A Hamper Full of Favourites

This idea is particularly good for those who are tricky to buy for, often because they already have everything. Putting a hamper together filled with someone’s favourite things can be really inexpensive. You might, for example, pick up some bubble bath, a bath bomb, a candle, body scrub, body butter, a mini bottle of wine, some chocolate, tea bags and a packet of biscuits for a loved one who loves a cosy night at home. You will be able to get all of these things from any bargain shop on the high street and more importantly, they will be delighted.


Whether you’re really looking to cut back on your spending this year, or you just want a larger budget for all the festive food you would like to buy, I hope that these frugal gift ideas for Christmas will help!


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