Handmade gift ideas for every occasion

Handmade Gifts for Every Occasion

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As a creative person, I love making things myself. Whether it is some simple home baking, a crocheted blanket for the winter months, or even the items which I sell in my business. Making things makes me happy. In the run up to Christmas I have been looking for new ways to be creative and take more of a hand made approach to presents. I have come across some fantastic ideas for handmade gifts for every occasion and wanted to share them with you.

Send a personalised print

Personalised prints can make the perfect gift for any occasion and for any age. In the summer I gifted my best friend a print of her new home. It felt more personal than a shop bought gift and will be a wonderful keep sake of her house, should she ever decided to move.

This week I have made a print for a friend’s new baby with their initial, which will go perfectly in their nursery. To ensure that the finished item comes out really well I have used Monogram Maker Online to help me design it. The easy to use programme allows you to select a font and a frame. You can also edit colours and add a background.

Although I chose to keep things simple for this gift, there are so many fun options. You can add a Santa hat if you are creating a Christmas card, or even a witches hat or antlers if you are working on something spooky for Halloween.

Celebrate an announcement

Sometimes the best gifts in life have nothing to do with chocolate and toys. Often, the very best things in life are the milestones which we celebrate. Buying our first homes, getting married, finding out that we’re going to be parents or grandparents. We all have moments in life which we cherish.

Perhaps, on these occasions, you might gift an announcement to your family. You could, for example, bake a cake which says “Happy Birthday Dad” to announce a pregnancy to your partner or husband. Pinterest is absolutely full of creative ideas like this. Many of which can be made using the monogram maker.

Make a card

For those who are far away, a physical gift may not always be a practical option. Instead, you may choose to create a card to post. In the same way you would make a personalised print, this could be the perfect gift for your loved one. You could add sentimental message to remind them that they are though of, or a funny joke to make them laugh. This option would also be the perfect to make something for those whom you choose to share cards with at Christmas.


Often my friends will say to me, I just wish I was creative enough to make things myself. I hope that today I have shown you, no matter your creative skills, you can create handmade gifts for every occasion that your family will love. They often become the most cherished gifts after all.

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