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My Wedding Day

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After a couple of months away from blogging it only seems right that I catch you up on a few things. Let’s start with something rather special. My wedding day! Back in May of this year I married my best friend and true to the cliche, it was one of the best days of my life. Some of you will be more interested in the emotional side of things and some will prefer to read about the dress and other bridal details. I’ve gone for a bit of a mixture in the hope that I can share my own perspective of the day.


The day before

Of course there are many, many…many months of planning that go into a wedding, but I thought I would begin by telling you about the day before. This was the day that I think the penny finally dropped for me and I realised that I was getting married. I realised how silly this sounds, but it all just seemed too surreal up until this point I think.

We’d been making plans for such a long time already, having been engaged for four and a half years and so when it came to the day before we were thankfully very organised. Everything was planned, arranged and ironed. We had to drop off our decorations to the venue and check into our hotel, but that was it!

I’ve heard so many horror stories of couples running around like headless chickens trying to get everything sorted so I’m so happy to say that we were done by 11am and headed round the corner for some pizza and a beer. The restaurant we chose just happened to be across the road from our ceremony venue and the sun was out so we grabbed a table outside and chilled. It was lovely!

We each spent that evening with our own families, enjoying some dinner and drinks and went to bed at a pretty reasonable time. Of all the days to deal with a hangover, our wedding day wasn’t going to be it!


In the morning

Having had around two hours sleep thanks to excitement and nerves I woke up at 5am. It was still dark outside, I was in a room on my own and I new for a fact that everyone else in my family would still be snoozing. Previously I had worried about being short for time on the morning of my wedding day so I made the most of it and enjoyed a very relaxed cup of tea in the calm before the storm.

At 9, my best friend and sole bridesmaid came over to my room and we had some breakfast together. Knowing that the day was going to be a busy one we wanted to have an hour to ourselves to just chit chat and prepare. It also gave us a chance to fill our stomachs’ up before all of the prosecco that was bound to follow!

At around 10 the hair and make up team arrived and the next three hours just seemed to vanish before my eyes. We practically played musical chairs jumping from one spot to the other to get ready. Meanwhile the photographer jumped in and out, family members popped by the room and our flowers were delivered too. It all felt a little bit hectic considering the quiet morning I’d enjoyed up until that point, but everything happened as it should and soon we were ready to go.

In this moment I very much thanked my past self for the choices I had made regarding my dress and accessories. The gown I wore cinched in at the waste and then relaxed completely over my tummy and hips. I was able to stand and sit comfortably in it and in the short time we had to wait before the cars arrived I was able to perch on the bed in my room. My veil was short, so it never got in the way, and my shoes were flat. Having spent so many nights wondering if I’d made the right choice, I’m so happy to say that I was completely comfortable on my wedding day from beginning to end!


The ceremony

Despite my really early start that morning, 1pm came around in no time and all of a sudden I was about to walk down the aisle. Since the moment my husband and I became engaged I had always assumed I would be the most nervous bride.

As I arrived at the beautiful Liverpool Town Hall that was it, the day was finally here and it began to feel very real. Shaking and tears were what I had always expected for this HUGE moment. Honestly though? I was as cool as a cucumber. Even more bizarrely, my ever confident fiance was shaking like a leaf when I met him at the altar!

We kept things simple with some short vows and a traditional Scottish hand fasting to add a little of my background into our Liverpool wedding. We also added in a reading from a friend for another personal touch. The whole thing only lasted half an hour but I really enjoyed every moment as I was calm enough to take it all in.

We took some photos straight after the ceremony and spent a bit of time soaking in the atmosphere and saying hello to all of our guests. After an hour or so I was keen to get everyone over the reception venue though. The ceremony is of course the moment that the whole wedding day is all about, but I don’t like keeping people waiting for food!


Party time

Once all of the official business was out the way it was time to take a short walk around the corner to our gorgeous reception venue, One Fine Day. As with our choice of ceremony venue, we based our reception venue almost entirely on our love for the architecture. Of course it had to be suitable for the number of guests we were going to have and the food had to be good, but the interior took priority.

One Fine Day was a space that we fell in love with as soon as we stepped inside, and at that time it wasn’t even finished! Tall windows, huge marble columns and bright white decor made for a simple and elegant space ready for eating and dancing. The beauty of the space meant that I was able to keep our decor very simple using only candles.

My favourite part of the venue however, became evident when our guests filled the space. The dance floor! From our first song, You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates, there was always someone dancing and by the end of the night there was no one left sitting down. Having the entire wedding reception in one big space also meant that we were able to maintain the lively atmosphere we wanted all night long. My husband’s incredible taste in music certainly helped too!

One thing I decided on long before the wedding day was that I was going to keep drinking to a minimum. I was so happy for everyone else to get merry, but I wanted to be able to remember every minute of the day and have no regrets in the form of a hangover or the dreaded memory loss. I’m so glad I made this decision as not only did I wake up feeling fresh as a daisy the next day, but I had also managed to take in every moment of the day as I had hoped.

If you’re still reading, thank you! I hadn’t quite intended to write a short essay but there was just so much to share. If you are in the process of planning your own wedding, I hope a few short tips might come in handy.

Firstly, make sure you always go with what YOU want. This is a day for yourself and your partner to cherish and so all choices made, traditional or not so, are yours to make.

Secondly, make sure you are comfortable. When picking your wedding day outfit, whatever it may be, make sure it is something that you can happily stay in for twelve hours.

Finally, slow down and enjoy it. Take a moment to yourselves here and there to absorb the atmosphere and the day, and to have a smooch. The day goes by so quickly and it is one you will always want to remember.


Emma x


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