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Word of the Week – Autumn

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Each Friday, I would like to share a word of the week with you. Something that summarises what I’ve been up to, how I’ve felt and how life is generally going. I’d love if you’d share one in the comments. It can be so therapeutic to reflect on what’s been happening, good or bad!

This week I have chosen the word Autumn

So my choice of word for this week may seem a little obvious, but there is a lot to it I promise you. Of course firstly we have to acknowledge this shift in weather we’ve had. I’m a jumper and blanket enthusiast (yes that’s a real thing…it is!) and so I dream of the days when it’s chilly enough to be able to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire. I’ve been so grateful for the beautiful weather we had in summer, don’t get me wrong, but I am over the moon that autumn is finally here!

Autumn Decor

In…preparation let’s say for the new season, I’ve done some autumnal shopping. Some of you will find this weird, some of you will be fully behind me. I’ve purchased a wreath for the front door of a house that isn’t mine and may not even exist yet. I may sound loopy but hear me out!

For the longest time I have dreamed of building my own house and one day I am determined to make it happen. Whilst browsing autumnal decor on Instagram I came across a photo of a humongous decorative wreath filled with reds and golds and yellows and browns and thought “I’ve got to get me one of those!”.

Within minutes I had found one I loved and ordered it. It is now sitting on my living room floor taking up…a bit too much space as I gaze at it longingly. I don’t think I’m going to hang it at my current house, I sort of want to save it. So there you go, weird autumn lady alert!

My Small Business

Finally, and most excitingly for me, I’ve also added some autumnal items to my online shop! I’ve never really spoken at length about Pippin Prints before on this blog. I hand paint all of the designs I use to create my stationery, but have always focused on things like party decor. Over the last month or so I’ve been working on my autumnal and Halloween themed items and I love the way they’ve come together!

Pippin Prints

(I know that many of you love stationery and decor as much as I do and also blog about them. If you’d be interested in a gifting opportunity please do drop me an email at hello@sunshineandrain.com)

My business is something that has always come second to other work so I’ve always felt a little bit hopeless about it becoming something big one day. Looking back now I’ve actually come quite far with all I’ve created and I really have a new found passion for it. Autumn is always a quiet time for me freelance wise so it will give me the space I need to focus on my business which makes me so happy.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

Emma x


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  1. Go on, hang out that wreath! You know you really want to! Hehe. Best of luck with Pippin Prints. Looks great. #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Haha I love that attitude Enda! Maybe I’ll be brave and go for it! 🙂 Thank you so much, dare I say I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far #wotw

  2. It sounds like Autumn is your favourite season for sure. I wish you all the best with your business, and i hope you find the perfect place for your wreath.

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Thank you so much Anne! I’m sitting with some autumnal candles lit as I work and feeling very happy indeed! #wotw

  3. For a moment I thought you were going to hang it on someone else’s door. No, I totally get the idea. Something about buying the door furnishing before the door. I would do that. In fact, I’ve probably done something similar. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I’m a kind person Cheryl but I won’t be sharing my wreath 😛 I’m so pleased you get it, my husband rolled his eyes! #wotw

  4. I’m a jumper and blanket enthusiast too. hehehe I do love this time of year though. I am thinking about buying an autumnal wreath for our front door too.
    I love the autumnal items that you have added to your shop. How cute x

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Do it! Join the autumn wreath crew! haha. I should stop worrying about what other people think. If something makes you happy, just do it! Thank you so much Kim 🙂 #wotw

  5. I always like Autumn once I’ve resigned myself to the fact that summer is over – I just have to go through a period of mourning the end of summer first. Love the sound of your autumn wreath – that’s the kind of thing I would do too. Love the look of your Autumn and Halloween range too 🙂 #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It is sad to see the warm months go isn’t it? But each new season always brings something wonderful with it! Thank you so much Louise 🙂 #wotw

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