word of the week - quiet

Word of the Week – Quiet

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Each Friday, I would like to share a word of the week with you. Something that summarises what I’ve been up to, how I’ve felt and how life is generally going. I’d love if you’d share one in the comments. It can be so therapeutic to reflect on what’s been happening, good or bad!

This week I have chosen the word Quiet

The past few months of my life have absolutely flown by. A number of big things have happened and I’m pleased to say they were all very positive. Getting married, disappearing on my honeymoon for two weeks to Italy and renovating the bathroom after almost three years of yucky tiles are just a few!

It’s been wonderful, but as often happens when some areas of life become very busy, others have been a little quiet. Unfortunately my blog took the hit and has been left to fend for itself since May. I actually saw a tumbleweed roll across the screen when I logged in this morning…poor thing.

I really can’t complain of course. We can’t possibly expect to do everything with full gusto can we?

Well now the tables are turning and as my life moves from the hectic back to the quiet, Sunshine and Rain can come out of the shadows again. As an introvert I value the quiet moments just as much as the excitement. For me a cosy Sunday in with my husband (hehe, still feels weird to say) is just as enjoyable as all those big moments. Now that life is quiet again I am back in my comfortable environment and enjoying the slow pace once more!

There is so much more I want to share with you, but I shall leave that for another post.


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  1. Sometimes quiet can be a good thing, I certainly appreciate it sometimes. But I am intrigued at what news you are holding back on now.

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Haha forever mysterious me Anne! I’m so pleased to be back, typing away and drinking a cuppa. Lots to share over the coming weeks, and lots of nothing to enjoy too! #wotw

  2. I treasure ther quiet times … especially after a busy period. #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      So so much Enda! Sat with a cuppa catching up on my comments today and feeling very settled 🙂 #wotw

  3. How lovely! Congratulations on your marriage. Italy is the perfect place for a honeymoon. Quiet is good too. Enjoying each moment. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Taking time off definitely let me take everything in, things can fly past so quickly otherwise can’t they! So pleased to be back though 🙂 #wotw

  4. What a wonderful few months you have had. Congratulations! I think I would have left the blog to fend for it’s self too. So nice to see you back and I can’t wait to read about what you’ve been up to x

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Than you so much Kim, it’s so nice to be back! #wotw

  5. Congratulations on getting married – what a busy time you have had and no wonder your blog has taken a back seat in the meantime! Hope you enjoy having some quiet time now after the busyness of the last few months and lovely to see you back again :- ) #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      You know what Louise? I’m delighted to be back to quiet normality now! And so pleased to be back blogging 🙂 #wotw

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