word of the week - enjoyment

Word of the Week – Enjoyment

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Each Friday, I would like to share a word of the week with you. Something that summarises what I’ve been up to, how I’ve felt and how life is generally going. I’d love if you’d share one in the comments. It can be so therapeutic to reflect on what’s been happening, good or bad!

This week I have chosen the word Enjoyment

Today’s word of the week is very much about this blog, Sunshine and Rain. My blog was something small I started a couple of years ago which I dabbled in here and there. Then back in July last year I decided to take it a bit more seriously. Unfortunately I put far too much emphasis on making it a success straight away. I set a schedule and had goals for views and social media and so on.

So many bloggers now do it full time and many even advertise courses on how to make your blog wonderful and income generating. I got completely caught up in the whirlwind of “this needs to be something professional”. What did everyone want to read? What was popular? Should I post twice a week or three times? Should it be more than that? I forgot all about the reason I got into blogging in the first place. I enjoy it.

I’m pleased to say that I think my feet are firmly back on the ground now and I’m completely refocused. No stress, no schedules, no worrying about whether I’ve published on time or promoted enough. Sunshine and Rain is about enjoyment for me and I hope that will begin to shine through in the coming weeks and months.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. I totally agree with you! SEO and sharing and building a following can be all consuming and you can lose the enjoyment you previously had because you are concentrating on these things. I think it shines through when a blogger is writing for pleasure rather than profit #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I’m just reading your post now Louisa about cutting back. Looks like we’ve had similar realisations this week! I’m really hoping that’s the case, I’d much rather come across in a genuine manner 🙂

  2. oh yes, I think most of us that have been blogging for a while will get caught up like that. I know I did. But it’s so nice to go back to your roots and the real reason you started your blog in the first place. I don’t think I’ll ever be a ‘pro’ blogger it’s way too much stress. I just like to plod along and if an opportunity comes up which I like then I’ll take it. Enjoyment is what will keep you going. Thanks for linking up to #WotW xx

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It’s so true isn’t Anne, enjoyment is what will keep you going. I love that! I imagine that’s exactly why most long term bloggers are still writing in the same way they did when they started 🙂

  3. Ahh! I am glad you have refocused yourself and are taking blogging a little less seriously. It is so easy to get caught up in the professional and serious side of it.

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It can come across so negatively too can’t it? Very much looking forward to continuing with my new approach 🙂

  4. It’s too easy to get caught up and swept along isn’t it, I’ve done it myself many times. Once the enjoyment is gone there’s no motivation to carry on I think, it’s great that you have realised and are enjoying your blog again x

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It’s honestly a world of difference when I see it as something I’m doing as more of a hobby over “let’s make this a business”. Really enjoying the change 🙂

  5. Yes to enjoying blogging. I blog because I like to write and interact with others. Deadlines, schedules and meeting other people’s expectations would sap the fun. Good for you taking a step along the path you want. Blogging used to be more about the sharing and less about the money, when I started. I wonder if the tide is turning again. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I really hope the tide is turning Cheryl, for those who want it to anyway! I think blogging is a wonderful way to practice things like writing if that’s something you want to do as a career but it’s also a wonderful way to document life! 🙂

  6. Some people do make a good living out of it, and good luck to them.
    Your blog sounds more fun, summarises your life at the time and is great to look back on in years to come.
    Mine is my voice for my life done for me not the rest of humanity. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I really like that Elaine. As much as I hope others enjoy reading my posts, it’s for me at the end of the day. Thank you 🙂

  7. Wise words. I’m not a pro blogger and I don’t think I ever could be but I have had the “could I?” conversation in my head. In reality I don’t have the time or patience!

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I think it’s something that is possible to dabble in with the occasional sponsored post and things, but going for it full time takes so much commitment! Definitely keeping the relaxed side of blogging my priority 🙂

  8. It can be so easy to lose the enjoyment of blogging with focusing on trying to take it more seriously. I’m glad that refocusing has helped you to regain that enjoyment. #WotW

  9. I totally agree with you it has to be more about doing what you love, and loving what you do, anything else just makes you miserable and sucks all the joy out of it ? I am so glad you are happy with your decision x

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