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Gardening Tips for Spring

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The daffodils are blooming, the trees are blossoming and we even had one very hot day here in Liverpool last week. I absolutely love the winter months but the beautiful colours, lighter mornings and warmer temperatures of spring bring me so much joy. As I did back in winter, I thought it might be helpful to share a couple of thoughts about the garden for the coming months. Here are my gardening tips for spring.


Lift the Winter Weeds

If your garden is like mine a few small weeds will have sprouted here and there. Thankfully there shouldn’t be too many and they’ll be easy to lift. Spend some time removing all of the unwanted sprouts from your borders and paving. As I suggested back in winter, it is also a great time to top up your soil with a bit of extra bark if needed. This will help to minimise the weed growth as the warmer months arrive.

Don’t Cut Your Grass…Yet

Every garden is different depending on the weather in your area, however if the weather is still quite cold it might be too soon to cut your grass. Yes it’s looking a bit untidy, but it is worth waiting until the temperatures pick up first. If you cut it now and another cold snap arrives this could be damaging for the grass. Normally around the beginning to mid April is a good time to begin, in the UK in particular.

Look After Your Daffs

If you have daffodils in your garden they might already be flowering (mine are!). Allow them to do their thing and then look after them as they start to fade out. My mum always taught me to tie daffodils in a knot using their own leaves. It helps keep the spread of dead flowers a little tidier and the plant will just break down into the soil ready for next year’s bloom.

Clean Up Garden Furniture

Whether you have kept your garden furniture protected over the winter months or left it open to the elements, chances are it will need a bit of a clean. Hopefully a brush and some water will do the trick, but more damaged items may need to be repaired, re-treated or painted too. It’s always worth spending the time doing this now to allow you to enjoy your garden fully when the warmer weather arrives and you’re looking forward to that first outdoor barbecue.

Get Planting

The beginning of spring is also the perfect time to bring new life into your garden. Whether your planting bigger items like roses, trees and shrubs, or your raising some veggies from seed now is the time to do it. I’m no expert in this so I thought I’d link to an article from the Royal Horticultural Society here instead. They’re far more knowledgeable than I am!


I’m so excited to be able to enjoy my garden again soon, it feels like forever since I last sat out on the grass and read a book! If you’re working in your garden in the coming weeks be sure to tag me in some photos on Instagram at!


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