Sunday Comforts - roast dinner

Sunday Comforts – Family Walks

I’m a creature of comforts. Blankets, jumpers, soft PJs, a good cuppa; I love them all. So I thought it would be fun to begin a weekly post called Sunday Comforts. Every Sunday I will share a little snippet of something that makes my heart happy. It can be so therapeutic, especially on bad days, to take a moment to reflect on the small things in life that make you smile.


Sunday Comforts – Family Walks

Sunday is often a day that I feel like I’ve “wasted” if I spend most of it doing nothing (or hungover…it happens to the best of us). Something that fixes this every time for me however, is a family walk. Whether it’s a short saunter to the local cafe for a cuppa or a good hour and a half long trek around the boardwalk near my parents’ house with the dogs I always feel so much better afterwards.

Filling my lungs with fresh air and getting a good leg stretch makes me feel like I’m treating my body well. This is even more important if I’ve had a particularly social Saturday. On sunny days I always find myself pausing for a moment when the light hits the trees in just the right way and I’m reminded to enjoy the moment I’m in. My thoughts slow down, the cobwebs are blown away and it just makes me feel more prepared for the week ahead and whatever it might throw at me.

It’s also such a nice time to catch up with my loved ones after a busy couple of days and chat a lot of nonsense as we wander round the path. On the days when we’re all caught up we walk in silence and just enjoy our surroundings which is just as nice. What’s better? When I arrive home, chilled to the bone in the winter months, I’m more ready than ever to curl up under a big blanket on the sofa and enjoy the rest of the day in peace.

Today’s a bit of a dull one so we’ll be wrapping up warm and returning home to a big pot of chilli. Yum!


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