Healthy Eating in January

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Could I be more cliche with a blog title than “healthy eating in January”? Probably not! It is a topic I wanted to bring up though because after a very healthy November which was followed by a very unhealthy December I am learning a few things about myself and my eating habits.


Healthy Eating in January

Back in November I made some extreme changes to my diet in order to see if I could improve my health and lose some weight. After giving up a vast number of things including gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar and coffee to name a few I lost a massive 9lbs. I felt amazing and everything from my skin to my mood and energy levels showed vast improvements too.

Fast forward one month and I wanted to allow myself to enjoy December and Christmas. Huge meals, chocolate, pudding and alcohol were all a part of it and I really enjoyed the festive period. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, I undid some of the work that I had put in the month before as a result.

Now that we are in the new year I have found myself gravitating back towards all of the unhealthy snacks that I allowed myself over the festive period. I got back into the bad habit of reaching for cake, biscuits and a lot of other unhealthy options whenever I was hungry. A hundful of nuts and seeds was my go to snack in November I’ve found it hard to adjust my cravings back to healthier options.

I’ve also noticed changes in my mood, skin and my energy levels. The cold weather and gloominess may have a little to do with that, but overall January has been a far tougher month than I’m used to and I have a feeling that my poor diet is to blame. I’ve been breaking out a lot too and my sleeping patterns have been all over the place.


I’ve had my fair share of junk food now and I’m content with switching to very healthy diet again.  Now that I have seen both sides of my eating habits and the results that I get from eating well it has really opened my eyes. Food isn’t just something that fills me up when I’m hungry and curbs cravings in the moment. It has a big impact on my entire body and the way I act and function as a result!


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