Springtime Gardening Tips To Make Your Life Easier Come Summer

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Now that the colder weather is coming to a close, we can expect springtime to rear it’s beautiful face pretty much any week now. This is the perfect time to get back into the garden to clear up any mess that winter has left behind and begin preparing for (hopefully) another wonderful summer. So, here are some springtime gardening tips that will not only neaten up your garden, but make your life easier come the summertime too.



Pull out dead weeds

One thing’s for sure, weeds will have made their way into your garden during the winter months because that’s the perfect time for them to grow. Not only do the damp conditions help them grow, but the fact that you’re less likely to spend time in your garden and pull them up will increase the amount that you notice in your garden. The first item on your agenda should be to purchase some weed killer that won’t damage the rest of your garden like lawns or plants so that you can get rid of the weeds and take the first step in straightening up your garden.


Build yourself a shed

Whether you’re an avid gardener or you simply just want a neat garden to enjoy the warmer weather, you will need a plethora of tools to help you achieve this. Some people choose to keep their tools in their utility rooms, but for your convenience why not build yourself a garden shed? Not only will this de-clutter your home, but having a shed can be a nice addition to any garden, no matter how simple. It also allows you to store items such as your weed killer away from children or pets. 


Refresh your garden furniture

Over the winter it’s likely that the weather may have made your garden furniture look a little worn, and with the warmer months well on their way, it’s understandable that you want everything in your garden looking its best. Give wooden furniture a lick of durable paint, and wipe clean any plastic or metal furniture to freshen it up. It might be worth buying yourself a tarpaulin to protect your furniture from now on.


Plant evergreens

It’s still a little cold for most plants to survive, but evergreens are a fantastic way of making your garden look pretty, without having to worry about them dying off. Another great thing about evergreens is that they don’t require much attention as they feed from the sun and the rain. Planting evergreens now will also save you some work come the summertime when you do decide to get some regular plants.


Put out food for wildlife

Finally, at this time of year (or close) wildlife will begin emerging again in your garden in search for food, so why not put out food such as seeds for birds, hedgehogs, and other critters to feed on? You can buy bird feeders to ensure that your garden is still neat and tidy too! Why not add a bird bath to invite even more wildlife to appreciate your garden too?


Alternatively, you could set up shelter for wildlife too. It’s still cold and many small animals may be looking for shelter. A simple wooden box outside will allow local wildlife to find safe shelter to protect themselves from the colder weather!

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